Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor

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Picture of Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor
Finally you can do something with that old LCD monitor you have in the garage.
You can turn it into a privacy monitor! It looks all white to everybody except you, because you are wearing "magic" glasses!
All you really have to have is a pair of old glasses, x-acto knife or a box cutter and some solvent (paint thinner)

Here is what I used:
an LCD monitor of course
single use 3D glasses from the movie theater (old sunglasses are just fine)
paint thinner (or some other solvent such as toluene, turpentine, acetone, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate etc)
box cutter (and CNC laser cutter :) but that you don't really need, I'm sure x-acto knife and a steady hand would do just fine)
screwdriver or a drill
paper towels
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Step 1: Take the monitor apart

Picture of Take the monitor apart
Find an old monitor that you are willing to sacrifice.
Take off the plastic frame by unscrewing all screws from the back.

Step 3: Clean the film adhesive

Picture of Clean the film adhesive
After you remove the film, the glue will likely remain stuck to the glass, so here comes the messy part.
With some solvent, soften the glue and wipe it off with paper towels.
I started with OOPS, but that was not fast enough so I got some paint thinner.
I found out that if you cover the screen with paper towels and then soak them in paint thinner you can let it sit longer and dissolve the adhesive without running and evaporating.
Scrape off the soft glue with a piece of plastic or wood.
Be careful not to get paint thinner on the plastic frame, because it will dissolve it.

Step 4: Monitor - done

Picture of Monitor - done
After cleaning the adhesive, assemble everything back the way it was. Before even making the glasses, you can test the monitor with the polarized film!
Notice how the upper left corner looks clear, because it has the anti-glare film removed. That is the part we are going to use to make the glasses.

Step 5: Pop the lenses out

Picture of Pop the lenses out
For the glasses, I used single use 3D glasses from the movie theater, but you can use whatever you want.
Pop out the lenses or take the glasses apart if you can.

Step 6: Scan, Trace, Cut

Picture of Scan, Trace, Cut
If you are going to use a cnc blade or laser cutter, scan and trace the parts.
You can find a local vinyl or laser cutting service, or you could send them to an online service like
I scanned the frames so I can use them as a reference for the lens orientation.
Remember, this is a polarized film so the angle is critical. Back and front also matters.
If you don't have access to a cnc cutter or you don't want to wait for an online service, you can probably tape the old lenses on the film and then cut them out with an x-acto knife.

Step 7: Reassemble glasses and enjoy!

Picture of Reassemble glasses and enjoy!
Finally assemble the glasses and you are ready for some fun!
People might think you are crazy, staring at a blank white screen wearing sunglasses!
But I guess that makes it even more fun!
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0Troy9 months ago
Is it possible to do the reverse?

Glasses that block out everything except the computer screen?
account3r2 0Troy9 months ago


0Troy account3r28 months ago

Haha! Just get distracted too easily! This way I would be able to work on the couch with my wife while she watches the TV without having the constant flickering in my vision, drawing my eyes away from the work I'm doing on my laptop.

Self control shades B)

Blocking the TV is definitely possible. After removing the polarized
film try to look at the TV through it, if it appears black, you're done.
If it does not, rotate your display and film 90° and it will.

account3r2 0Troy7 months ago

Ohhh I see :) Good idea

Hey I need some help. So I removed polarizing filter, and removed the glue from the screen.The Glasses work but only when there up against. Any farther then that it's burly. Anyone know the problem?

ktrantham1 month ago
To be honest im not 100% sure! but I would imagine they would, I doubt they have invested all the $$ to make a different type of LCD IMO YES
hex4d6174745 months ago

Will this work with all monitors?

hex i beleive he said LCD monitor

okay then will it work with all LCD monitors?

Is this possible to do on a laptop?

I SO want to be that crazy local girl at the cafeteria, working and staying bussy looking at her white blank screen all day long.

LOL Julie that would be pretty epic!!!!

NewBlake2 months ago
I saw this back in 2012 and wanted to do it but find a way to do it for a client as an advertising campaign. I was beaten to it by a company in Sydney who used this technique for Axe (the deodorant). good results.
sniffrumble4 months ago

Good afternoon, you can fill with any type of lens?, Not to worry if I damage the polarized. Thank you.

as anyone tried this with other people round? What are people's reactions to the white screen and you looking with sunglasses :)


jiffymanager5 months ago


cgosh5 months ago

There's more than one kind of 3-D glasses in theaters, so shop around if yours don't satisfy. Polaroid-brand sunglasses (and some other brands) are polarized. You can tell if yours are polarized by putting one lens in front of another (you'll need two pairs, or pieces of polarizing material), so light passes through both before you see it. If they're both polarized lenses, spinning one of them around will make your view go light, dark, light, dark, light for a 360-degree spin. Polarized sunglasses are the ones that let you peer into the water in a lake or ocean by eliminating the surface reflections. Their neutral color is also reported to be better for your health than typical colored sunglass lenses (see John Ott, "Light, Radiation, and You").

humayunsaeed5 months ago

Good afternoon, you can fill with any type of lens?, Not to worry if I damage the polarized. Thank you.

calmlunch6 months ago


sheepbars6 months ago

Good afternoon, you can fill with any type of lens?, Not to worry if I damage the polarized. Thank you.

nabeel iqbal6 months ago

i made it but after remove the polarized sheet LCD view is like nagitive on three sides how to hide this

Good afternoon, you can fill with any type of lens?, Not to worry if I damage the polarized. Thank you.

clickyummy7 months ago


bearblue7 months ago


bearblue7 months ago


This looks amazing but might be a bit above my DIY level. Has anyone tried this with other people round? What are people's reactions to the white screen and you looking with sunglasses :)

MrOrsh8 months ago

I am in the middle of trying this at the moment and I have gotten as far as getting the polarized film that is attached to the anti-glare-filter off the screen. I am doing the "put in hot water"-trick to separate the two films and it works great. However getting them separate does nothing for the blurryness! Even with the completely transparent film removed and only the shadowy-one left if I move an inch away from the screen everything goes blurry.

Could it maybe be three filters joined togehter? I have tried peeling on the darker film to see if something else comes off but there seem to be no more to peel off :-/

What can be wrong?

account3r2 made it!8 months ago

Here's my result... turned out pretty well. I bought film online and the pieces I bought were just slightly smaller than my glasses frame...

chimplost9 months ago

what kind of film is in the lenses? i want to just buy a new sheet of it.

Linear polarization film. It's somewhat expensive, and can be bought online.

account3r29 months ago

My dad got the whole film off in one piece except for a little corner piece by using a credit card and dipping it in alcohol to carefully peel off the film :) Also, this glue is VERY stubborn. I let the film soak in acetone for 15 minutes and the glare filter dissolved completely but most of the polarization filter was left, but nothing happened to the glue. It barely even softened.

Oh, and I can still kinda see stuff on the monitor while looking directly at it, and I can see everything if I look at it from an angle

As in, the image rendered on the screen.

I have found that the this method will work with just about any form of LCD screen. I purchased a $15 phone and removed the polarized screen. I rigged a pair of non-obtrusive reading glasses with a polarized piece of film from a monitor. Now I am the only one who can see my screen.

grp8889 months ago


kballdy9 months ago

what kind of film is in the lenses? i want to just buy a new sheet of it.

I was hoping anyone could tell me if this kind of screen would work with this:

BenQ GL2750

I am going to test this on my old screen (a 19" screen) to get it all in my system so I know what to do.
I have read the comments and the "creator" said that it would work on any lcd screen but I have also read in the comments that some lcd screens have their "film" like almost glued on or something.
So I hoped anyone could tell me this.

It'll work on any LCD, and both that I've done it on had the films glued together and to the screen.

Can you do that with a smartphone?
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