Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor

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Hey is the polarized film supposed to be SUPER hard to get off the screen? I've been trying for hours with no luck :/
pmudd1 year ago
Does this work on the dell inspiron mini 10 Nickelodeon edition.
coyo181 year ago
I found out how to remove the polarized sheet from the anti-glare sheet if they're attached to each other. What you do is put the films that you obtained from the monitor in some hot water. Leave it in there until the water cools and the sheet should curve. Pick at one of the corners or edges until you can manage to peel off the polarized layer. Only the area that was submerged will be able to be peeled off.

I hope this is helpful
does the samsung galaxy have this polarised sheet? (its got a big enough screen to make glasses lenses)
mhagerman12 years ago
If the only part you need is the polarized lens could you not use polarized glasses.
isolt2 years ago
The soaking in hot water worked for me!
Dyolf_Knip2 years ago
Aw, crap. My monitor had a small circuit board along one side which connected to the LCD panel with 3 very thin, very _fragile_ flat cables, which got ripped while I was peeling off the film. I should have reassembled most of the monitor before getting to this part, so I wasn't putting stress on the connections. Drats.

Good thing I was using a semi-busted old display.
that must have been the inverter for the backlights
autofire2 years ago
My LCD screens film seems to have the matte finish and polarized film as one sheet, so its incredibly hazy, anything i can do to clear it up?
hoff13 autofire2 years ago
You can just put the piece in between damp paper towels for about an hour or two and the matte finish will peel off quite easily. BTW, hot water worked better for me.
I tried this, but the polarized film stuck to the matte finish, and a piece of clear plastic pealed off
try 4 hours instead of 2, and dont go less than 4 hours. on top of that, try and go in a different direction from the polarization.
as an added note, make sure you focus ONLY on removing the Anti-Glare film. when you're done removing it, LET IT DRY. Don't try to cut it. DONT use paper towels. They will stick to the polarization film. You might want to try a hair dryer, or if you want to play it safe, place the film on aluminum foil.
I just did this project, though the polarized filter and frost are the same sheet, so i took some packing tape and taped over the frost to make it clear again, I am sure not the clearest but defiantly functional for every day use. *currently stuffed into a pair of paper 3D glasses.

To look at my other monitor I just tilt my head a bit to see it without blacking it out.
spystealth12 years ago
I once took apart a monitor (before I saw this awesome instructable) and all the different filters seemed to just be a bunch of sheets stacked on top of each other not glued. Though I don't remember finding the polarized filter so it might have been glued directly to the LCD.
jeff-o2 years ago
You could easily mark the orientation with a piece of masking tape.