Step 3: Clean the film adhesive

Picture of Clean the film adhesive
After you remove the film, the glue will likely remain stuck to the glass, so here comes the messy part.
With some solvent, soften the glue and wipe it off with paper towels.
I started with OOPS, but that was not fast enough so I got some paint thinner.
I found out that if you cover the screen with paper towels and then soak them in paint thinner you can let it sit longer and dissolve the adhesive without running and evaporating.
Scrape off the soft glue with a piece of plastic or wood.
Be careful not to get paint thinner on the plastic frame, because it will dissolve it.
Grey_Wolfe3 years ago
Rubbing alcohol is often very effective at removing glue goo and it is completely safe for the hardware.

If you use the hand sanitizers without scent or moisturizers, this gives you the benifits of rubbing alcohol while making it evaporate a bit slower.

I use it quite often for removing tape goo and have never had an issue.
NotDave3 years ago
The blow dryer is best for removal of the film but be careful not to get it too hot or it will stretch the film. for fastest removal of the remaining glue use acetone on paper towels, never directly onto the monitor and never let it touch the film. the acetone will turn the glue into rubber but will also eat the film if you get any on it.
tmiranda3 years ago
You can also use a blow dryer when removing the film off the glass.. The heat from the dryer will soften the glue and leave less goo'
redcore43 years ago
I removed an anti-glare film from an old CRT monitor once - i think it'd be easier and safer to use the method I did; i used toothpaste. The bicarb in the toothpaste is a mild abrasive which won't affect the glass but when rubbed on with a bit of tissue should take the adhesive off; the peppermint oil used to flavour most toothpastes softens the adhesive too.

Alternatively, lemon oil is great for removing adhesives, and safer to use than most solvents. Or, if you don't want to pay so much, WD40 is also a bit nicer to use than paint thinner - I'm asthmatic and find heavy solvents will sometimes trigger an attack.