Picture of Prize Cups for Kids
Ever held a competition for kids and did not know how to reward the winners ?

Here is a quick solution using the chocolate bar you were planning to distribute.

Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes!

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Step 1: You Need

Picture of You Need
A chocolate bar and scissors.   

  1. Carefully cut open the chocolate bar. 
  2. Hygienically distribute the chocolate pieces.
  3. Cut the silver/gold foil into two pieces
  4. Cut the blue wrapper into a small rectangle

We are now ready to begin.

Step 2: The Gold Cup

Picture of The Gold Cup
  1. Wrap the silver/gold foil with the gold side outside over your finger
  2. Carefully press the center of the foil to create the cup stem
  3. Press out the base flat
  4. Stand up the "Gold Cup"
We now have the Gold cup and can repeat it for the silver cup with the silver side outside.

Step 3: Silver Cup and Bronze Medal

Picture of Silver Cup and Bronze Medal
  1. Complete the "Silver Cup"
  2. Fold the blue wrapper into a small rectangle
  3. Compress it a few times by running the scissor handle over it
  4. Cut the edges to make a approximate round shape.
  5. Voila! the "Bronze Medal"is ready.
  6. Distribute the Prizes!
  7. Enjoy!

"Hip Hip Hooray" !

artworker2 years ago
cool! Very nostalgic!