Picture of Pro Mouse Beltbuckle
mouse buckle - 09.jpg
mouse buckle - 01.jpg
I have an Apple Pro Mouse that stopped working. I thought I would tear it apart to see how it worked before I threw it away, at the very least I could salvage the LED from it. As I held it in my hand I realized it was the right size and shape to become a belt buckle. With it's two-layer construction, the design could be custom and interchangeable.
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Step 1: Dead mouse

Picture of Dead mouse
mouse buckle - 09.jpg
mouse buckle - 10.jpg
Dead Apple ProMouse. In the background you can see the logitech mouse i found on the sidewalk that made a great replacement.

Step 2: Dismantle

Picture of Dismantle
Pry the mouse apart with a small screw driver. Some of it was glued together, so I used an x-acto knife to cut the seams.

Step 3: Custom Image

Picture of Custom Image
Here is where you can install your own personal image. For this one, I dug through a pile of stickers I've been saving and found this image of a bird on a powerline (2000 x-games)
I layed the top portion of the mouse directly on top of the graphic. Then I used an x-acto knife to trim it to shape.

Step 4: Apply the design

Picture of Apply the design
I applied the sticker, and burnished it tightly around the edges. Other options at this point would include, painting the piece, or applying custom printed images with adhesive..... or leaving it as-is so you can show the world how much you love Apple while keeping your pants up.

Step 5: Drill the tounge hole

Picture of Drill the tounge hole
Drill a hole 3/16" in diameter in the bottom plate, at the side that is closer to the thumb grip.

Step 6: Tonge and hinge

Picture of Tonge and hinge
mouse buckle - 07.jpg
Use a piece of wire (I used a coat hanger) as the tonge and the pivot connection to the belt. The tounge sticks out throught the hole we made in the last step. The wire then is bent into a rectangular loop, which will be the means of attaching it to the belt.
redreda1235 years ago
what kind of led is in the mouse? please answer
sjoobbani5 years ago
 I feel this as a bit of a waste, you can take the cheap mice that start @ $10
and replace the circut board wit minimum moding.
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
Yes! I hate those, and I have a broken one!
those mighty mouses are EXPENSIVE
Kick ass! I have one of those bad boys laying around here somewhere; someone needs to figure out how to make the LED and CMOS sensor run off of a battery.
pattes8 years ago
I think that's funny, but I prefer use my old mouse as collar or to keep it like art object... In general I repair what does not function any more it was the case for a mouse of my Emac...
eleraama8 years ago
I think it's pretty cool-- but you'd have to be an apple fanboy (luckily, I am.) I think it would work better to use a black one if you wanted to use it without changing it-- you could wear it with more things.
Fiapo8 years ago
I think it will fit better if the mouse is small. :DDDD
That's pretty cool, although I think I'd like to try it with one of those mice with a floating duck inside of it.
Pucca8 years ago
Who´d waste his/her time creating such a stupid and ugly peace of buckle? And second, who in this world would wear such a thing?
JamesIsOdd8 years ago
Is that a girl in that picture? If it isnt - that guy has some odd shaped hips.
danielpetry8 years ago
That is one of the most, if not the most, ugliest things i've ever seen!
Nickse8 years ago
FYI, you spelled TONGUE wrong.