Picture of Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder
This is a simple but effective Instructable.  Our suet would disappear very quickly as the squirrels would eat it and drive all the birds away.  I needed an easy solution.
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Step 1: Hardware Cloth

Picture of Hardware Cloth
Obtain a small amount of small grid hardware cloth.  Can be purchased by the yard from most hardware stores.  I had some in the basement.  Squares are about 3/8" square.  Then cut a rectangular section about 1" wider on either side and long enough so that one uncut length will wrap around the lower section of the original suet feeder like a "U".  Bend the edges to match the shape of the suet feeder.  Then cut at the lower corners of the "U" on the 1" extensions on each side - 4 cuts.  This will leave three sections of hardware cloth on each side ready to bend.  Bend up  the small square of it on the bottom, then double over either side and secure the final side with a twist tie.  I used an old bread twisty.  Repeat with the other side.  It's sort of like wrapping a package.

Step 2: Final Photo

Picture of Final Photo
Here's what it looks like all folded up.

Step 3: And now my cat watches birds, not squirrels

Picture of And now my cat watches birds, not squirrels
ryaksich4 years ago
AWESOME! And here I was about to spend some $$ on a "squirrel proof" feeder from retail. What a simple idea. I have larger woodpeckers, like flickers and red-bellieds; does this allow them to eat as well?
bonedoggie (author)  ryaksich4 years ago
I've had red-bellies and others feed off of it with no trouble. I currently have a pair of downy woodpeckers who are hitting it pretty hard. I also (and I really enjoy this part) have squirrels come by every month or so. They get frustrated and leave. Jon