Introduction: Problem: Unsightly Wires and Chargers

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With increasing gadgets one have, one would need various types of chargers for various devices. Hence, it can get pretty messy even when desk has cable outlet.

Step 1: Cut a Piece of Wood

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Logistics Required: piece of wood 180 x 550 x 15 2. One piece of plank 150 x 150 x 3 Construction: 1. Cut 3 discs from a piece of wood

Step 2: Cut the Interior

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2. Cut the interior as shown for 2 of the discs and paste them together such that it becomes a cylinder.

Step 3: Cut and File Slots for the Cables

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3. On the cylinder, cut the slots and file them according to what you need. The number of slots and size depend the the cross-sectional diameter of the cables and the number of devices that need charging. In my case, I cut 4 slots on top and 2 below, each about 5mm in diameter.

Step 4: Making the Cover

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4. Cut the plank into a smaller diameter disc and paste it on the bottom of the 3rd wooden disc.

Step 5: Finally

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Usage: 5. Place the cylinder as such on top of the cable outlet. 6. Place all cables inside the cylinder 7. Cover the top part to hide all the cables. 8. Cables are taken out to charge devices when needed.


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