Introduction: Procedures for Disassembling, Cleaning, and Reassembling a Ruger P90DC

Picture of Procedures for Disassembling, Cleaning, and Reassembling a Ruger P90DC

Always assume that any fire arm you handle is loaded. Be sure to check before you disassemble.

The information in this document explains how to

•   Disassemble pistol in preparation for cleaning
•   Clean individual parts, and
•   Reassemble cleaned parts.

Use the procedures in this document to clean the Ruger

•   After it has been fired, or
•   If it has not been cleaned in 3-4 months.

The Hoppe’s Elite BoreSnake Cleaning Kit makes cleaning pistols fast and easy. Any similar substitute will work. The kit includes

•   A BoreSnake (a cloth and rod can be used as a substitute)
•   Hoppe’s NO. 9 solvent
•   Lubricating oil
•   Gun cloths

Regular maintenance of pistols is vital to keep them operating in pristine condition. Gun powder, moisture, and dirt trapped in your gun can lead to rust or corrosion that can cause gun failure.

Follow the steps below to properly disassemble the Ruger P90DC

Step 1: Unload Any Ammunition Inside the Pistol.

Picture of Unload Any Ammunition Inside the Pistol.

•   Press ridged button below trigger to eject clip.
•   Cock gun to make sure there is no round in the chamber.
      o   To cock gun, grab top front of slide and push it towards your hand holding the grips.
      o   The slide is the part on top of the pistol that moves back to load cartridges.
      o   See above photo for names and locations of parts.

Step 2: Press Down the Ejector.

Picture of Press Down the Ejector.

•   Hold slide open by using slide stop or by holding it open manually.
•   Press ejector down until it snaps into place (see pictures).

Step 3: Pull Out the Slide Stop

Picture of Pull Out the Slide Stop

•   The slide stop is the part on the left side of the slide above the trigger that locks the slide in the cocked position.
•   Hold slide open.
•   Line up front most hole on left side with slide stop pin.
     o   Check that it is aligned by looking inside the chamber (see picture).
•   Push in circular button above the trigger on right side to release slide stop.
•   Pull out slide stop as far as it goes. 

Step 4: Slide the Slide Off.

•   With ejector pushed down and slide stop pulled out, slide should easily slide off handle.
•   If slide does not come off, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 5: Take Out the Spring.

•   Hold slide upside down.
•   Push spring forward to compress it.
•   Lift up compressed spring to release it.
•   Take pin out of the spring.

Step 6: Take Out the Barrel.

Picture of Take Out the Barrel.

•   Hold slide upside down.
•   Pull up on circular piece attached under barrel.
•   Push barrel forward.
•   Pull barrel out at an upward angle.
•   See picture for broken down gun.

The following steps explain how to remove dirt, rust, and corrosive materials and how to lubricate your gun.

Step 7: Wipe the Following Parts With a Gun Cloth and Cleaning Solvent:

•   Outside of barrel
•   Pin inside of spring
•   Inside and outside of slide, and
•   Inside of the body of the gun, including in the trigger assembly.
        *Be sure to clean any parts that are dirty or any parts that can move

Step 8: Clean Barrel With BoreSnake.

•   Drop weighted string through the barrel.
•   Pull BoreSnake through the barrel, using weighted string.
•   Repeat process until inside of barrel is clean.

Step 9: Lubricate Operable Pieces With Lubricating Oil and a Cloth

•   Exterior of gun barrel
•   Trigger system
•   Inside of slide, and
•   Pin inside spring.

The following steps explain how to reassemble the cleaned pieces.

Step 10: Insert Barrel in Slide.

Picture of Insert Barrel in Slide.

•   Hold slide upside down.
•   Insert barrel back into slide.
     o   The spring release (circle piece attached to barrel) should face away from top of slide.

Step 11: Insert Spring and Pin Into Slide

Picture of Insert Spring and Pin Into Slide

•   The pin must go into the notch of the spring release (see photo from step 10).
•   Adjust spring and pin until they are parallel to the barrel (see photo).

Step 12: Reattach Slide

•   If ejector popped back up during the cleaning process, press it back down.
•   Place slide on top of gun body.
•   Be sure slits in back of slide match the two ridges on top of gun body.

Step 13: Reinsert Slide Stop.

•   Pull back slide all the way.
•   Push slide stop back in to place.

Step 14: Lubricate Assembled Gun.

•   Lock slide open with slide stop.
•   Place a few drops of oil on exposed barrel, tracks inside chamber, and tracks behind hammer.

After completing these steps, the Ruger will be clean, well oiled, and ready to use again. Keep in mind the importance of maintain your gun regularly and the importance of gun safety.


CementTruck (author)2013-01-02

I used to have a P91DC. Miss it greatly. It was a good shooting gun.