Process of Making a Scrap Knife





Introduction: Process of Making a Scrap Knife

This is a video I made a long time ago that I just found recently.  Decided to upload because it pretty much covers the entire process I use for making a scrap parts knife.



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    The video didn't show up on the instructible

    Works fine for me.

    nice job on the groove. i thought about doing the same for my knife but couldent decid if should. u just made up my mind. Thanks dude!

    after I get a new knife I put strike-hold on it go to

    O YA ={)<- man with a mustache O YA

    Legion Machete from New vegas :D

    I think you can get all that rust and crud out easily using a wire wheel on a drill. I have done that many times to get rust and crud out of metal projects. After doing that, you can use some kind of buffing compound to get the surface really elegant and smooth. You could even spray clear lacquer on it to protect from further rust. That is a tip from my brother who has done body work on cars. I used clear lacquer once on a car I had which had some minor nicks. No rust developed there.

    Very nice! I am a beginner/amateur bladesmith myself.
    If you haven't already, check out this website:
    The guys on there are great, the site itself is a treasure-trove of information. Ben Potter (Sword-Hilted Broken-Back Seax) is on there, along with some of the big names in the knifemaking community. If you do get on, look me up. Username is Greg C.


    Thanks Greg! once I get money again, I'll look into it. For now, I'm making armor.

    You're very welcome. :)

    Brave man not wearing shoes. AWESOME INSTRUCTABLE !!! Ive made a few myself and the best thing that i learned to do about the pits in the metal is clean them out with a dremmel and polish them up. It gives it a funky wavy look if it cleans up rite.