Do you have old, obsolete, or broken computer processors just laying around your house? Put them to good use by making them into geeky keychains.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To do turn your old processors into keychains you need:
An old processor
Needle nose pliers
Diagonal cutters
A drill
a keyring
also a pocket knife can be helpful
i made this and it is so cool. great instructable thank you.
I have a nice intel PIII chip that i think will work nice for this:) (5 stars and fav'd)
I found it virtually impossible to do this with a ceramic processor. any processor that isn't ceramic works perfect though.
I know, the processor on the left of the picture with all the materials is ceramic and when I tried to drill it I got nowhere
You need to use a carbide tipped drill bit for drilling into ceramics. Also, until the hole gets started.... the bits sometimes walk. solution is to stick a piece of masking tape on it before drilling. Use a variable speed drill(not a dremel, unless you have a speed controller) and drill slowly, with light pressure. Inside of 3 min, you should have a nice hole.
Early cpus(486/pentium 1 era) make very nice ornaments, especially if you <a rel="nofollow" href="http://microblog.routed.net/2007/01/25/how-to-uncapopen-various-integrated-circuits/">uncap</a> them.<br/>
great !!!

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