Do you have old, obsolete, or broken computer processors just laying around your house? Put them to good use by making them into geeky keychains.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
To do turn your old processors into keychains you need:
An old processor
Needle nose pliers
Diagonal cutters
A drill
a keyring
also a pocket knife can be helpful

Step 2: Pin Removal

Picture of Pin Removal
Now, this is the hard part, removing the pins from the chip. This can be done multiuple ways with mixed results, so feel free to use your own method. I used needle nose pliers and diagonal cutters to remove some pins, then for the rest I used a pocket knife to "shave" off the remaining pins. While doing this make sure not to break the chip. For those who have processors with small balls instead of pins you can skip this step.

Step 3: Final

Picture of Final
Now all that is remaining to do is drill a hole in the processor near a corner and put in a keyring in it. If you want you can shave down any corners.
ezraG2 years ago
i made this and it is so cool. great instructable thank you.
I have a nice intel PIII chip that i think will work nice for this:) (5 stars and fav'd)
I found it virtually impossible to do this with a ceramic processor. any processor that isn't ceramic works perfect though.
sotsirh194 (author)  mattthegamer4636 years ago
I know, the processor on the left of the picture with all the materials is ceramic and when I tried to drill it I got nowhere
You need to use a carbide tipped drill bit for drilling into ceramics. Also, until the hole gets started.... the bits sometimes walk. solution is to stick a piece of masking tape on it before drilling. Use a variable speed drill(not a dremel, unless you have a speed controller) and drill slowly, with light pressure. Inside of 3 min, you should have a nice hole.
ironsmiter6 years ago
Early cpus(486/pentium 1 era) make very nice ornaments, especially if you uncap them.
brunoip6 years ago
great !!!