Belt Drive Production Counter [BDPC]




Introduction: Belt Drive Production Counter [BDPC]

This is our Belt-Drive production Simulator, Have Fun!

The Wood blocks will pass through the counter sensor, and our task is to make setup with a senor system, that are able to differentiate between 3 types of wood blocks called, A,B & C, and count the number of each type of wood block.

Made by Daniel Ferrall and Andreas Kjøller

with great inspiration from former student Simon Larsson

Step 1: Connect

Connect the USB cable to your Computer, and your Arduino device

Step 2: Arduino Uno

This is our Arduino Uno, the original Arduino

Step 3: Groove Shield

You need a Arduino Groove Shield, and remember to connect it to the Port D7 (digital 7)

Step 4: Connector Cable

Connect the Groove Shield to the Ultrasonic Ranger v.1.0 device with the connector cable

Step 5: UltraSonic Ranger V1.0

Connect the connector cable to the port, on the Ultrasonic Ranger device.

Step 6: Put in the Code

Insert the code in your Arduino software, and if necessary adjust the distances so they will match your purpose

Step 7: Compile and Upload

Compile and uploade. Start your monitor in Arduino software and watch it count



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