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I've seen a lot of blowguns here. Although I liked some, none seemed suitable for serious use. This one will easily penetrate 1/2" Wood, is effective hundreds of feet away, and is highly accurate.
Video here!
How to Make a Blowgun
Of all the projectile weapons I've used (and that's a lot), the blowgun is definitely the most instinctive to shoot. This very simple tool can be picked up by a total novice, and be turned into an astonishingly powerful and accurate weapon in one afternoon. If you think of blowguns as being toys as I once did, you have the wrong idea entirely. No, the dart doesn't have anywhere near the brute stopping power as a sling or rope dart, but it has entirely different properties making it a highly effective weapon:

A blowgun can be used to deliver poisons, is effective more than one-hundred feet away (sometimes much more than that, depending on the user), is completely silent, and delivers its dart with shocking velocity.

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Step 1: Materials

~10' Electrical Conduit ($1.99 at hardware store)
~ Plastic Film Canister
~ Candle
~ Wire Coat Hanger
~ Duct Tape
~ Something to cut metal
~ Grinder/Sand paper
How to Make a Blowgun
eyepodd5 years ago
how long is the dart aproxxamatly ?

15/20 cm.

For a barrel, i used 3/4" PVC (5' of it), but i find that my darts are lacking velocity. Is the barrel to wide for my lungs? or should i work on the darts?

Any suggestions would be great

12/13mm (1/2'') is best.

KrisG111 months ago

nice, but that's not plywood.

Fishnking2 years ago
Or u can pound the tip flat and then cut a point with pliers
freeza363 years ago
Hey i just wanted to know your input to the question that Higgs Boson, myself, and another one of our friends are all asking. What can be done to make the blowguns better at this point? Yours and ours are practically identical, except for the darts. Even with the best darts we can make, they still only ever shoot accurately at a max 35 feet. What do you think? Look at my instructables to see what my friends and I have done.
cumbers3 years ago
how far does it shoot
thenoogler5 years ago
You never menrioned that you don't inhale while the gun is loaded...;)
Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me Not To Do That Until Now!!!
black hole3 years ago
I recomend that anyone even slightly interested in shooting these things watch the Cold Steel videos. This is just a demo. Lynn Thompson is deadly accurate.
or you could flare the conduit over a cone and roll the edges back like a real badass.
wana know what's awesome to use for tips? tungsten tig welding rods. expensive, but the heaviest projectile you can shoot out of a blowgun effectively.
acastillon4 years ago
I made a blowgun that can go 50ft more with deadly darts that can break glass and an accurate sighter.
mondee075 years ago
can i use a pvc
yes but the sag in the pipe will throw your aim off

and the inside is not as smooth or as hard so it scratches easyer.
mcaliber.504 years ago
i have a 4 foor cedar walking stick that would be perfect for this.
ilpug4 years ago
in the last picture it looks like you shot it into a piece of redwood, not plywood. redwood is very soft. nice design however.
xanxor4 years ago
He used 1/2 inch conduit
9w2xyz5 years ago
Instead of using the wire hanger as is, I recommend using galvanised wire of the same diameter. For one, the surface is rougher and the 'fletching'/cone will adhere better. stretch out your wire as long as you can handle it. Tie one end to a gate post. And have the other end firmly attached to your reversible cordless drill. And Twist it. When it reaches the yield point, it will snap off at either end. The result is a twisted stiff wire that is straight. Cut to your preferred size.
aplauche6 years ago
a cotton ball taped to the end works extremely well also
It doesn't catch the air quite as well as a cone, personally I use paper impregnated with PVC, making a durable, neat little cone. South American Indians have been using cotton for hundreds of years so I don't doubt it, but in my own experiences I find that cotton isn't quite as good.
well if South American Indians had paper impregnated with PVC, i'm sure they would use it too.
yeah that makes more sense Kryptonite. I use a paper cone with electrical tape on the outside and super glue on the inside. it makes a nice, hard cone, but its a little sticky in the barrel. do you do something different Kryptonite? also, instead of grinding the coat hanger into a point, i hammer the end flat on an anvil, and then use wire cutters to shape it into a diamond shaped arrowhead. It works great, and the wire cutters sharpen it for me, so no need to use a file or a sharpener! I attached some pictures of it:
2010-06-26 12-30-04.887.jpg2010-06-26 12-27-13.660.jpg2010-06-26 12-28-44.862.jpg
I do more target than hunting, so i get a 2-3 inch nail and sharpen it. I make a coin out of paper that has had one side covered in sticky tape, which goes to the outside. I cover ~1/2 inch of the nail in hot glue (the non pointy end) and slide the cone on. I then cut the cone to size and sharpen the nail.

My friend made this botched Instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/really-strong-blowpipe-darts/ which covers the process.
cool wasp5 years ago
 Great instructables, i love your coat hanger idea.
yangus5 years ago
I'd think that a 1/2" to 3/4" PVC adapter would work.
It's what I use for copper water pipe blowguns.

-side note on copper blowguns, handling them makes your hands smell funny. This problem can be remedied with black electrical tape. It adds camouflage and  a grip. It'd probly be worthwhile to do that to a steel blowgun too.
blowgunking5 years ago
cant the pipe be 28'' ?
GianniMora5 years ago
 holy crap... did it really shoot through that
cowdude6 years ago
wat diameter
however big you want your dart
charmar5 years ago
good details I made one and worked great. for the tail of the darts I used a sponge ear plug and cut to fit barrel. it works great! good luck.
i used copper pipe for mine :D
rownhunt6 years ago
I connected mine to an air compresser i had some fun!
bears0 rownhunt5 years ago
i did the same thing with a straw and a shoelace i cut the shoelace 1/4 inch away from the hard plastic thing and pushed a needle through the end that you cut, you don't even have to glue it (unless you are shooting it at a BRICK!) it works really well its just not as powerful, i bought my blowgun today it comes with 64 darts (SWEET!)
pump her up to 75 psi with your standard blowgun valve then hook it up
cowdude6 years ago
i making a blowgun what are good practice arrows
when i make blowgun darts from wire like these ones i heat the tip up and flatten it with a hammer and anvil then file it sharp! i recommend doing that method, it works geat
_Scratch_6 years ago
i just got a four foot piece of 1/2 inch copper pipe and im gonna make it soon =)
Rossmod6 years ago
pretty cool i must say
mortalmoon36 years ago
hahaha sweeeet :) :{) i wiillll make 1 & kill a frog r sumin love frog killer
Arianovan7 years ago
I love your design. Mine is six feet of copper piping and its super glued airtight. It goes really far and the tips are really sharp. But I can't get it to go through a half inch of wood. I don't think it's because I'm not blowing hard enough, I mean I play the saxophone. Any ideas? Nice hat btw
i had this problem just work on your darts and make them a perfect fit for your pipe !
Try standing back as far as you can, plug the end of the blowgun with your tongue, build up some pressure, and remove your tongue from the end of the blowgun.
crayzclown16 years ago
I usually buy my blowguns, this it awesome.
xlievenx6 years ago
i do it without a mouthpiece...much easyer
zzoe6 years ago
Proper blow gun. Nice.
outtokill6 years ago
that is freakin crazy
Zetheros6 years ago
I upgraded from my 4' blowgun to a 7' one, much better, yet a little troublesome to transport. I use it to get rid of the rats in my backyard. It goes right through them and stakes them to the ground.
Thats badass.
cool!6 years ago
Great instructable. Please DONT use something like this with a fire extinguisher. Doors dont like being shot through.
mine is 3' and it put a dent in a metal computer case at 45 degree angle with a 9-1/2"dart
hi i was thinking about getting a blow gun with a splatmaic paint ball repeater to play around with and i was wondering it the splatmatic repeater would fin onto this.
Congratulations on a well-made instructable...all except for the dart cone. Why is this never mentioned in your tutorial? I know A method for making paper cones, but nothing close to what you're using. Please elaborate?
Found my own method, loosely based off of the paper cone method I had been using.

My current dart uses 2" finishing nails and a self-adhering folded cone, using your duct tape idea. The tip is strong enough to hold the nail's head in place, but I affix the extra tape anyway for extra durability.

I am seeing double the results of the paper cone, and with the same length blowgun (about 2-3ft). It punches through the outer cover of a notebook without difficulty.

Will try longer guns and better darts when able. I still think you should demonstrate the conemaking technique.

Thanks for the instructable. _
6" coathanger wire with about 2.5' blowgun produced effects similar to (and in some cases in excess of) the 2" finishing nails. I ground the tips to a point using a 6" bench grinder with tool rest. To make the cone: Start with a length of duct tape (maybe 6-8") and fold it over 2/3-3/4, leaving a piece of exposed sticky-side. Start a wide cone by folding the bottom left corner over halfway. The starting point of the cone should be where the sticky-side tape begins. Continue the cone by folding over twice more. The sticky-side tape should fold over the cone and adhere to the outside, securing it. Push your nail, coathanger, etc through, using an Xacto knife to slice the tip off if necessary. Do not cut too much, or it'll be loose. You can then affix a bit of tape as the tutorial suggests, to lock the cone in place.
Now using 1/2" galvanized pipe. Heavy? Yes. Also durable. Not only this, but I can use couplers and shorter sections to make an adjustable length blowgun, and a 1"-1/2" reducer for a mouthpiece. You have to file down the "lip" from where they cut your pipe, or the darts will be smaller than the true diameter of the pipe. Also, not that I've tried it yet, the 1/2" pipe threading conveniently manages to fit my Raptor Silver Eagle paintball gun almost perfectly. I'm sure there's a way to get the proper fittings to make a break-barrel or bolt action assembly and use the paintball gun to launch the darts.
Have now tried 1/2" PVC pipe. It does bend and flex as mentioned, however I am able to compensate through additional elevation of the muzzle. Now using 7 3/4" sections of wire coathanger, sharpened to a point, with two duct tape "stoppers"; one at the tail end of the dart, and one at the tip of the cone, to prevent slippage. I have noticed a surprising increase in power, range, and general performance, attained by creating a tighter seal between cone and pipe. You'll want a wide flare to the cone, and as tight a seal as you can comfortably manage. The acceleration of the cone is slowed by the extra friction, allowing your lungs time to fully discharge. The power of my darts has been increased by at least 50% with this method.
I have an great way to make good darts with paper cones. You will need: tape, paper, sowing needle (one with the ball on the end, it should be fairly large depending on the size of your barrel and lung capacity), a hot glue gun, and tin foil (optional). First, make the cone. Wrap some tape around it to make it sturdy. Then put some glue around the ball end of the needle. Poke it through the end of the paper cone. Apply glue on the outside of the tip of the cone as well. Finally (this is optional, if you do not want humidity to ruin the paper you can line it with tin foil, you can secure it with a bit of hot glue. I hope you like this post, I fyou have questions, Il be glad to answer them.
Add a laser sight and calibrate for distance... like the archers do?
grevious6 years ago
you could also heat up the mouth end and then curl it over to make it more comfortable
thank u so much! i've been in need of a blowgun for a long time but i never found one
alexmason6 years ago
very nicely done! I made mine ouyt of pvc, and yes it does bend slightly, but no enough for it to make me miss a mark. I have also been looking for a way to make better darts, right now i am using the nail/paper cone type, but this wire hanger idea sounds good. All in all, great instructable!
geeklord6 years ago
I made one using an old airsoft mock silencer barrel and paper&pin darts. I strapped the barrel to my C02 airsoft guns barrel, shot it at an airsoft gel target, The needle went about 1/2" out the plastic on the back. I believe it is the most lethal thing i have ever made.:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
these were the best darts ive made for the blowgun but they kinda long
KyleKnex7 years ago
does any 1 want me 2 post a 50. cal paper blowgun
DUDE! this is awesome i started with paper tubes for the barrel but then i tried this. *THUNK* sweet
But... i cant get my metal darts to fly at all, mind you, i only have the lungs of a 12 year old kid, but still how can i get them to fly more than 20 feet? P.S. i like your website... and pie
i like pie 2
it was a dark, dank, day. thunderclouds roiled overhead, yet the ground was still dry. then all of a sudden *THWAK* there was a screw-tipped blowgun dart in the side of an old toolshed. around the point of impact there were small drops of moisture. the masked blowgunner saw this and said "hmm... i wonder if any of the science geeks at instructables can explain this."

SO... can you?
small drops around the point of impact are from moisture build up in your barrel from countless shots with your dart gun then collected as u blow out the dart
Ahh, thanks.
I have 4 things 1. How do i sharpen the tip as good as you did, Im 12 and might not be able 2 use stuff. 2. I tried cutting a coat hanger so there would be a few 10cm peices. They were faster a bit more accurate and stuck into trees even without a sharp tip. 3. Im currently using a 4 foot pipe. Should i use a 5 foot? (6 feet is too hard for me) 4. GREAT IBLE!!!!!!!!!
boatingman7 years ago
Hi. I'm brand new and my computer skills aren't the best. I hope this comes across well. To make great darts, you need a short piece(2" or so) of the same conduit your gun is made of, a steel plumb (or plumbob) available at any hardware store for a few dollars, a plastic milk jug and a heat source to soften the plastic (I used a propane torch). Oh, and a hot glue gun. Simply stand the piece of pipe on end or clamp it upright in a vice. Cut the jug into strips about 1" wide, heat it up enough to soften it, place it on the end of the pipe, press the pointed end of the plumb into it until it seats, give the plumb a 1/2 twist and you have a beautiful plastic cone in the perfect diameter. Merely put a drop or two of hot glue in the bottom of the cone and push your metal rod through. These are the best darts I've ever used but be careful. They can be deadly. With a little practice, you can make 10 to 20 per minute.
We would love to have an ible for those.!!
That is a very nice idea. Do you have a video instruction for that?
brian2507 years ago
those rubber connections -cone shaped-that push onto hot and cold taps as portable showers work 101% as a mouthpiece you get a better seal and dont blow,deep breath,cover mouthpiece and let it out like you want to hack cough, the result with a 3/8"blowgun with 5" steel bikespoke dart is 80yd lob shot,48yd effective shot and a 30yd hunting shot.
bohner447 years ago
does this blokes dart fly hot and straight or do they fly in a big ark cos they look very heavy.
most likely very straight... it all depends on length and power of the blow... blow guns this size have been measured at around 400 feet per second
timmy_89117 years ago
how much does it weigh
it will depend on the material you use and the length it is... A seven foot gun made of lighter material is likely to feel heavier than a five foot of heavy material... It all depends. While it will not weigh very much initially, when you factor in you will be holding it to you mouth, the equation changes drastically...
i dunno
My father had a blowgun that was about 4' long and used wire darts embedded in plastic beads. One day a squirrel got into the house so he decided to dispatch it to the next world with the blowgun. It took 8 darts to kill the thing. It was running all over the house looking like a pin cushion or a sea urchin before it finally gave up the ghost. Blow guns are fine for target shooting, but useless for hunting unless you have some serious toxins available.
Most likely the blow gun in question was not of the correct type... I suspect it was not long enough because he was able to use it in the house. Many people are very successful at small game hunting with blow guns. However, these guns are never homemade and are always .5 caliber and 7 feet long at least. They also use broadheads for darts instead of wire darts. These cause a larger hole and more penetration than a wire dart which allows for quicker and more humane kills.
The wonderful world of simplicity!
...and results! =-P
sup gibz. nic ible 2
Zetheros7 years ago
blowguns are legal in every state except CA and MA.
kinda weird huh? we have guns bows, and many other things of weaponry but not.... knives? im moving sumwhere else if i can't have the right to bear arms!
i have one and i live in CA, i just had it shipped from alaska to my realatives in minnesota, and then they shipped it to me. Great instructable i made a 4 foot one and it shoots really hard.
Samuel H7 years ago
that looks cool i have a blow dart gun but don't have any darts those darts look pretty sturdy.
oncex7 years ago
They also have couplers for electrical conduit and you can cut the pipe in two so it's easier to carry. You can tight the coupler with your hands. There are electrical plastic couplers that can fit to the end of the pipe and you can have a really nice blowgun without the cheap film canister. I have being thinking of doing this blow gun with electrical conduit and I already have a list of parts (about 4) but I don't have a place to hunt. Does anyone know if they also have some conduit like this in Europe? The pipe you want is 1/2" EMT (NOT rigid), copper is too heavy and if you go to a place like homedepot and you spend some time there on the conduit section you can find many parts to make this blow gun better. I can't wait to go back to the house of my wife grandparents to hunt some fluffy european rabbits and birds I used to see roaming around :) P.S. I have a nice 4" blowgun I bought like 8 years ago and I live in CA :D
Rishnai7 years ago
Hey, you do it the same way my daddy taught me! We always used 16 penny nails for the ammo, though, since we had a bunch laying around. The way we'd make the darts would be to grind the nail to more of a taper, then we'd either make a paper cone and tape it on if we were in a hurry, or use the steel from a can of food that we'd pounded out flat and made a cone with and solder that on. That totally eliminated the problem of the cone sliding up on the dart, and it helped balance it from getting too front-heavy and flipping end-for-end at long range. Dang, it must have been years since I've did that! Glad to see someone else here likes to make something better than all the glorified spitwad shooters I'm seeing on this site.
does anyone know the laws about blowguns for missouri?
lord of mystra dude, no ofence but i am 12 years old and i hit a target with a steel dowl rod 175FT away. -_ -
aj3012927 years ago
very nice but is there any thing else you can use on the arrow for the cone b sides duck tap something more sturdy perhaps or do you need it to be floppy to follow the barrel or something ????????
i use paper cones one a very similar rig and they work well. (30 lb copy paper attached with minimal scotch tape on the outside and super glue on the inside.
you should try making your cones from magazine paper too
sem_on1237 years ago
this is really cool I've tried it but with shorter arrow and its accurate 2.
bowmaster7 years ago
See my dart instructable coming soon (before July)
i made a blow gun from some curtain pole stuff and and darts a bit like yours but no matter how hard i blew it would not even stab into the ground
i have made a blow gun out of a pre-cut five and a half foot curtain rod and a pvc mouth piece. i made it independently of this tutorial, but it is surprisingly very similar. i curtain rod works very effectively, you must not have done it quite right. please note that with a curtain rod you will need to sand down the metal lip inside the barrel at both ends. i also find it very handy in home made blow guns to attach a end piece (mine is of pvc also) to protect any damage to the end. for greater accuracy, drill about eight holes in the end of your gun to alleviate some wind turbulence when the dart exits the gun.
sean_cats7 years ago
I made it :)
Kaiven7 years ago
>:) i inventeed a reusable explody dart, with easy to buy fuel. i might post it. my friend also gave me the idea to make a flaming dart. it doen't really flame, but it shoots a fireball behind it on impact.
harrizdog7 years ago
WOW!!! made one except with a 5 foot long pipe and a better mouth peice ( sucktion) and the darts never heard of before but the kick ASS!
that's awesome! i've got some PVC pipe with a female end that works great as a mouthpiece. but i'm having a hard time making the cone for the dart. any suggestions?
N6OZG8 years ago
That's not plywood you've pierced in the photo. Plywood has alternating layers that is much harder to penetrate than a solid wood like the one in the photo. But still impressive none the less.
CanDo (author)  N6OZG8 years ago
I know, nor is it a full 1/2" in the photo (then again neither is nomial 1/2" ply). I have pierced this as well... but as they say, try for yourself :)
could you make shorter darts? These seem long, and if you were going for stealth they wouldnt be too good.. Also, how do you poison these?
pyro137 years ago
love the instructable man... but i would like ANY ideas on how to poison one of these darts. i am open to any thoughts and ideas
gunner pyro137 years ago
you could get some type of poison powder or liquid put hot glue on the dart a and role the hot glue in the poison
pyro13 gunner7 years ago
what kind of poison powder and where do i get it?
gunner pyro137 years ago
go to your school and ask
thegunthing7 years ago
sweet im gonna try it!!
SteveUK8 years ago
Completely illegal in the UK as of the late 80s along with a whole host of other weapons including swords hidden in walking sticks and ninja stars.
_soapy_ SteveUK8 years ago
Isn't everything? I'm waiting for a smoker to cross this with having a cigarette, and get 5 years & an £50 fine! I'm not entirely sure this level of power is actually do-able though. Hundreds of feet? Seems a bit wild to me, and the force it would take to hammer a dart like that through a bit of wood (5/8th of an inch of hardwood!) like that shown in 4 makes me thing it was a nailgun rather than a blowgun.
BaerClaw8 years ago
instead or a coat hanger I use the steel Wire from those little yard flags use to mark pipes under the ground. you can get 25 of them for like a $1.50 the steel is much like spring steel vary hard to bend.
pcneifert8 years ago
can you try this
animaster8 years ago
NICE!!! cool thing!!!!
rallen713668 years ago
Very Nice! I've used blowguns since I was little and this is one of the nicest homemade rigs I've ever seen.
Cervantes8 years ago
That's a good idea with the film canister. I just slapped together a blow gun today before reading your instructable, and I've got a funny ring around the lips.
grim3vil8 years ago
Loveofchaos8 years ago
found it!
yay me!
i wanna make this
ve2vfd8 years ago
Wire coat hangers are ok darts, but it's very mild cheap steel. If you want awesome darts, get bicycle wheel spokes. Much thinner, lighter and harder steel. Bamboo skewers also make pretty decent darts. I also maker the cones with thick paper and then coat them with superglue.
use the bamboo skewers as practice ammo. if you dont feel like going into the steel darts attach broadheads to them (exacto knife blades)
CanDo (author)  ve2vfd8 years ago
Cheep steel yes, but certainly not soft. Indeed, they may be harder than bike spokes. Thinner and lighter is not better, if it were desired, shorter lengths of wire could be used. To each his own.
ve2vfd CanDo8 years ago
I guess they make coat hangers with better steel in your area (I'm jealous!) Here they are the softest cheapest steel there is, you can bend then with 2 fingers. I guess spring steel would be ideal, but costly...
CanDo (author)  ve2vfd8 years ago
S30-V blowgun darts, anyone?
yddolb8 years ago
Deck screws are cheep and very sharp. I use a grinder to take the threads down. 1/2 in rigid Copper is better than conduit. Copper is lighter and much smother on the inside.
FishyFish558 years ago
Very nice. I always knew there was a better way to make the darts. I used to use paper cones with nails in the tips. Worked great but hard to make. What diameter of conduit is that by the way? Is it the 1/2 inch (labeled) stuff that is actually between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch? I have used 1/2 inch copper pipe. Aluminum pipe is great (light and very stiff), but the piece I have is a bit short for optimum use (4 feet I think). I think I will try to get some velocity and energy data next time I use my blowgun. Because the blowgun makes a slight pop when the dart leaves, and a nice whack when it hits, if you know the distance and have a digital audio recording you can work it out.
CanDo (author)  FishyFish558 years ago
Nomial 1/2" conduit is actually 5/8", which is perfect for a blowgun. Good luck in your ventures!
Thanks. I made a dart as instructed and I kept getting it stuck in my target boards. When I get a mouth piece and a longer tube I should be more power, but I still put some holes in 1/16 inch aluminum. To make a good metal penetrating tip make is square so it rolls up the metal on the sides (The 1/16 aluminum was too soft, but it made square dents and holes. Rolled up the sides on a pop can great) Also file/grind it very pointy and then file the end of the tip a a wider angle (less pointed) so it wont bend. Works great! Biggest problem is the cone sliding down the wire on impact, which can be avoided by following the instructions accurately. Just a note about pipe sizes (I have tried a few): Large diameter pipes should be better for heavy darts (like this one) and smaller diameter ones (optimally longer) will get higher speeds with lighter darts. I have to agree, 5/8" is great for these darts.
kaboomspray8 years ago
illegal in ma...
CanDo (author)  kaboomspray8 years ago
and CA, How fortunate it is that I don't live in either state... Umm - that's right, I didn't make this in either state. When my IP says otherwise, it's just confused!
arizer28 years ago
I purchased a blowgun & the components to make darts; there were two parts to the darts- the steel wire (somewhat like coat hanger wire) and plastic balls threaded on a string - perhaps their intended purpose was for necklaces or bead curtains... You heated the wire then pushed it into the hole in the bead. Seemed a little odd, but it worked perfectly; the darts flew straight & I suppose the additional weight added penetration.
musicman3868 years ago
nice job. i like it, but there has to be a better material for making the cone. if i hadn't just gotten off work i would so think of one. maybe you could spiral the duct tape upward slightly for the cone.. so that it would be a little bit tougher. what are your thoughts.
CanDo (author)  musicman3868 years ago
Toughness isn't the issue with duct tape. If you're looking for an alternative material, try out regular paper which has some superglue on it :)
carlos66ba8 years ago
Very very impressive! What kind of a range do you get? What's the speed of the thing coming out of the barrel?
pyro138 years ago
freaking awsome man, but how do u roll ductape into a cone? also, i had an idea, u could roll paper into a cone, and then plasti dip it 2 make it tougher. Great job!
CanDo (author)  pyro138 years ago
Paper works just fine even by itself! For a durable coating, plastidip might be a bit too heavy - superglue should be great. To roll the duct tape, just fold one piece upon itself (no sticky side left), then roll it into a cone shape with a hole just large enough for the dart shaft to pass through. Good luck.