Introduction: Professional Looking LEGO® Instructions

Difficulty:easy..Basic computer skills

If you are a fan of LEGO then you have probably made something really awesome that you wanted to share with everybody, but you didn't know how. This Instructable will teach you how to make great instruction booklets that look just like the real ones and it only takes 10 minutes!

Step 1: Resources Needed:

In order to do stuff you need to have stuff. You should check these out! The ones marked with a (!!) are required for this project. - Rebrickable, a website used by thousands of LEGO fans to share their creations - A site used to upload LEGO related pictures and files

!! - A CAD program for LEGO builders

!! - A program to generate official looking instruction booklets (Clicking this link will take you directly to download)

Step 2: Build Model in LDD

This program allows you to build with virtual LEGO bricks and view your creation. The UI (user interface) is pretty simple: click on a brick and drag it to where you want to place it.

See the below link for a further tutorial - LDD tutorial

When you are done building, save your project to a convenient location on your computer and exit the program (this is important)

I have created an example model for this Instructable and you can download the LDD file of it below.

Step 3: Import Model to Blueprint

Open Blueprint (the program you downloaded) and you should see the little black box with text in it (ignore it). After a few seconds the program will launch and you will have to import your LDD file. Click on Import LXF and select the LDD file you saved earlier. - A further tutorial on Blueprint

Step 4: Manipulate Steps

See the tutorial below to learn how to manipulate your creation.

When you are done click Page Layout>(RE)Generate from steps. -Tutorial on how to use Blueprint

Step 5: Generate and Export

Click on Export and select your desired file type. I have included a PDF of the instructions for my example project.


andrej (author)2016-11-10

1) there is new blueprint (v20) available at

2) the jar file have broken manifest and it does not run until you put itextpdf-5.5.6.jar, je-6.3.8.jar, lwjgl.jar and xom-1.2.10.jar into blueprint_clear_lib folder

3) it's looking for LDD dataase and I have no such database file. Where can I get this?

andrej (author)andrej2016-11-11

I installed LDD on the windows machine but it refuses to download the bricks because of some server error. Strange.

andrej (author)andrej2016-12-13

solved. kind of.

the another windows machine downloaded the data and it was located in user home

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