Step 3: Center of the eye

Remember to fill in enough lines so you can get the shading right. Then you can start filling the center of the eye with graphite. I used 4b or 5b for the darkest, and HB and 2H for the light parts.
Sweet car, how many hours did it take to draw?
<p>It only takes like 10 minutes</p>
Here's my first attempt using a regular ole numbah 2 and smudging it with my finger. And BTW for anyone reading this and thinking &quot;I can barely draw stick people!!&quot; just try it. You will surprise yourself because I certainly did.<br>Just tried to copy a picture I took of my friend. I didn't get the shape exactly right, nor the shading underneath the eye...<br>(Constructive criticism welcome)
I think you did and amazing job. The shape is great and sure the shading is a little dark but I always think it is better to be dark than too light because contrast shows depth and definition<br>.
Thanks!! I realised later that the darkness right above the eye and under the eyebrow on the left was eyelashes but the picture is zoomed and cropped and at a really extreme angle (I found this out by titling my friend's face around).<br>I'm gonna keep doing the same one until I get an even better result.
<p>Yeah, that's really good! I agree, the shading is a bit dark, but it looks like he just woke up and wants to kill the person who set his alarm! :) Great job!</p>
I tried haha. Unfortunately, I messed up on the eye brow and eyelashes as well, and my shading could've been better.
<p>I think yours looks very good!</p>
<p>I was able to draw an eye! An actual eye that looks like an eye!!! Thanks so much for easy to follow instructions. </p><p>I don't think it's bad for a first try.</p>
got mistaken from the intro pic thought it was a real eye
Forgot the image <br>
I tried. <br> <br>Could you make one for the entire face including hair?
heres one i did last year <br> <br>
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My first attempt
<em><strong>Sorry Forgot to add picture.</strong></em>
Adriana Lima's eye is very beautiful and you did good!
Like a boss!
you werent using a tutorial, ey? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ9Hpp8JygI
Really? Because I think mine looks far better :)
I wasn't following the tutorial - mines a left eye the tutorial is for a right eye I just thought it was entertaining that I had drawn this night night before and also when drawing my eye I didn't use a tutorial ;) cheers and good job by the way the shading great and your signature is nice-im a graffiti based artist u should look me up on deviant art
This is my first attempt, thankyou for the tutorial :)
That is my first attempt to draw an eye. Nice tutorial!
First attempt at a realistic eye. Failed terribly... Can't compare the the image above...
this is also my first attempt :) i haven't sketched in two years.. and since i'm procrastinating from studying for my neuroscience finals, i decided to do this. yay :) i ended up only using a little golf pencil, and used the flat side of the pencil for smudging. thanks for the help! (photo's a little dark)
here's my first attempt! :)) i did not follow the tutorial but i did it! i used pastel and pencil into it..
Thanks for teaching! My eye came out great! this was VERY helpful, and you really did go STEP by STEP! <br>thanks again!
This is my first drawing in 15 years. Thank you for the great instructions!
Here is my first attempt (I draw all the time and occasionally simpler eyes - Here is mine of your tutorial<br>
I tried to draw it first time..n I want suggestion what is wrong in this...n how is it?
It is well done, but I think the problem is the proportion of the eye to everything else&mdash;it is too small, or the space between the eye and the eyebrow and the eyebrow are too large
Now write one with the same title, except on how to get attention from that girl in class who doesn't know you exsist!
I dated an artist, that was wonderful to have her teach me how to draw then we would draw thing on notes we passed each other between classes. Girls are always impressed when you have a skill art is just one. try staring at her in class with a pen in hand and when she asks what you are staring at just say you are studying her eye so you can draw it because she has such beautiful eyes... it'll work trust me.
You, sir, are a creep...
actually, he's right. it'll work
of course it has nothing at all to do with your looks...
SWV1787 I think it sounds romantic :0)
Hehe..i've been quite successful with that. Good art+good girl= girl going crazy and being all over you (:<br/><br/>Here's a pic that did out of inspiration of your eye, i had a past drawing of an eye nose and lips but i'm too lazy to upload it XD<br/>
Always a pleasure being an inspiration!! With some professional pencils I guess you could easily achieve some shine effects on the knife blades, and some shadows on the wooden spoon. Great work!
hehe :)
can I use my tortillions?
You Do a great job.... but I can't make it work
Very good work, I can draw and eye better then the one shown, but this is very helpful because of the proportional factor. 5* Great job! <br />
&nbsp;Very cool this tutorial and the tutorial at&nbsp;<a href="http://bright-tutorials.com/how-to-draw-a-generic-eye-2/" rel="nofollow">bright-tutorials.com/how-to-draw-a-generic-eye-2/</a>&nbsp;helped me to draw some pretty cool eyes.

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