Step 13: Stager

Picture of Stager
stager step 2.bmp

QTY Material
1 22mm pipe any lenth over 15cm
1 plywood or you can use plastic. (to hold the bottle in place)
1 inline non return valve..... One from a ballon pump will do
1 a 1st stage of a bottle rocket and a 2nd


1. insert 2cm of the 22mm pipe in to the 1st stage. ( pic1)
2. use epoxy or pvc sement to seal it. (pic 1)
3. insert a non return valve into the pipe and glue it.
3.work out the dimensions of how long and wide the plywood or plastic needs to be, to hold the bottle in place. Then cut it out using image 2 to help you. The hinge is mounted on the pipe clamp.
4.when you slide the bottle on (use vaseline to seal it) make sure the pipe clamp is right next to the neck on the first stage. This will have your hinge on, next clip your hinge onto the bottle neck so it is tight and won't fall off.
firezone5 years ago
do you actually own the copyright to these diagrams, i highly doubt you have gone through what is needed to have the copyright for them and putting that little "copyright OscarThompson" in your pictures doesn't actually do anything
He is just putting acknowledgment that it is his.
oscarthompson (author)  firezone5 years ago
I have only put it in so people can't use my pictures, unless they want my name on it. The my pictures as i drew them on paint, it really doesn't matter too much that i havn't copyrighted them.


sturmey5 years ago
I like the idea for a second stage, but the picture is hard to read. Could you write that information into the text, or use a larger font on the picture?

I do like the instructable, but figuring out the second stage is tricky.
oscarthompson (author)  sturmey5 years ago

i'll try to get the font bigger but it may take a week or so as im waiting to get the files back on to my computer (im working off a laptop with none off my files on because my computer broke down)



red9er5 years ago
i'm not quite getting how this lock releases. also could you explain the purple item on step 13 and how it latches to the 2nd stage?
oscarthompson (author)  red9er5 years ago
The lock, that latches on to the 2nd stage is pulled by a servo or a tommy timer. A string is tied to the top of it (above the hinge, marked in black) and when it is pulled it releases. You will need a strong servo to do this though. The purple item, (clip around the bottle neck) pushes on to the lip of the bottle. If you took a ring a sliced it in half, you could fit it round the bottle neck securly, attached to the clip. I have marked it on thee picture now.