Professor Dumbledore's "Incredible" Illuminating LED Elder Wand, the Death Stick, the Wand of Destiny !

Picture of Professor Dumbledore's
  Well after making my first paper LED Harry Potter inspired wand for my 9 yr old ( http://www.instructables.com/id/Another-LED-illuminating-Harry-Potter-inspired-Wiz/ ), my older son of course then wanted one based on his favorite character, Professor Dumbledore's Elder Wand. My oldest son was only 5 when Harry Potter came out so he kinda' grew up on it...like I did with Star Wars!! Geeks! :)

 Dumbledore's Elder Wand proved to be a bit more tricky to shape and add details than the first wand I first constructed, but once you get the hang of working with a hot glue and learn the glue's behavior, it becomes a lot easier. The Wand of Destiny, as it is also known, has raised knots in the elderberry shaft, lots of texture to it, indeed a very nice looking wand. And then there is the end cap to top it off. This will be a fun hot glue challenge!

 I took the same approach as I learned from Kaptin Scarlet's Harry Potter's Lumos Reveal Wand instructable ( http://www.instructables.com/id/A-really-magic-Harry-Potter-wand-for-Lumos-and-Rev/ )...PAPER and HOT GLUE!

Here we go....

- Reference picture of Dumbledore's Elder Wand.
- Two sheets of heavy paper (Two sheets are needed to make the wand long enough - 15 3/4 inches)
- Elmer's glue or any white glue, even wood glue will work fine
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks (lots of 'em)
- Soldering gun and flux core solder
- E-Light LED Ear Piece (I found mine at Harbor Freight for a couple bucks) You can use any LED and make your own battery pack....there are instructables on here for doing so.
- About 20" of wire (to solder LED and battery pack together)
- White primer
- Acrylic paint (red, blue, yellow and black) and small brushes
- paper towels, rags etc....

 You might find yourself needing a couple extra items I may have not listed, but that is the basics.
wdash1 year ago
This is crazy. It looks just like the real thing! Even better than the official replicas!!!
JackDF2 years ago
ingenius. bravo.
I loved doing this. Just one question... where did you get the reference picture for the symbols on the wand? I've searched but to no end.
jawasan (author)  IncognitoSyn2 years ago
...I just went and looked again online...do a google image search for Dumbledore's wand and then just use what comes up....I could find no DEFINITIVE pictures of the complete band either. :( You can copy mine if you'd like....it's pretty close to real prop.
jawasan (author)  IncognitoSyn2 years ago
Well I noticed that it is different on some wands online....seems there are 2 different versions...I did a google search for Dumbledore's wand and kinda' winged it from the pictures I saw....and even then i had to enlarge the pics so i could see the glyphs. Good luck. :)
myap32 years ago
can u please sell this on ebay? i want to buy it from you.
jawasan (author)  myap32 years ago
...plus this one was a gift to my son. :)
jawasan (author)  myap32 years ago
Well definitely thanks for the compliment of knowing you like it enough to purchase one. Sounds tempting too!! :D
I have thought about making several and doing just such....but these are not just a quick afternoon projects.....at least not for this particular wand. Just the hot glue work took quite a few hours....maybe about 3 hours minimum. Sure I could carve one from wood in less time, but man the results from this and the satisfaction are worth it. :)
But I will tell ya' what...I will definitely hit ya' up if I do make a few of these to sell....
Thanks again.
Great instructable mate! Definitely doing this for a friend as a birthday present she's a big harry potter fan!
jawasan (author)  Drake s Empyre2 years ago
Well please post it up when you're finished Drake :) I must admit it was rather daunting taking on this type of wand with a glue gun...but my son is gonna' love it this Christmas! Good luck and post it up.
wobbler2 years ago
radicalmart2 years ago
A very insparational instructable and yet cheap and easy to make. you could add a joule thief led psu!
jawasan (author)  radicalmart2 years ago
Thanks radicalmart! :)
I am totally new to the LED part of things but have seen joule thief "ibles" on here.....guess I should go learn about this!
jawasan (author) 2 years ago
WOW! Out of 1,000+ views so far, I sure hope someone makes one of these and puts it up...would love to see 'em!
(...thanks again jessyratfink for the kudos.)
jawasan (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for the "Featured" Instructables! :)
Oooooh! I want one. Might have to give this a go. :D
jawasan (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Wasn't too difficult, give it a shot! :)