Program Your Way to Victory With SAM!





Introduction: Program Your Way to Victory With SAM!

Calling brothers, sisters, mates, and parents, program your way to victory with SAM Labs!

Step 1: Sculpt Your Body: Grab Your Car Building Materials

1. For this racing, coding game of two, you'll need paper, SAM blocks, wheels, markers and glue.

2. Grab 4 SAM Dc Motors to make your car move.

3. You'll need 4 SAM Sliders to steer the car, too.

3. Find paper, pens and glue to give your vehicle a body that really grooves.

Step 2: What's a Race Without a Track?

1. Snag some cardboard for the track

2. Cut out the road ways, minding the right angles to make sure it's not out of wack.

3. Draw on the road lines and put the pieces together with tact.

Step 3: Customise Your Car

1. Draw a stencil of a 3D car cutout.

2. Cut that baby out and decorate it well no doubt.

Step 4: SAM It Out

1. Now, attach the SAM blocks to the base of your car.

2. Secure them with tape so you'll go far.

3. Turn the SAM Dc Motors on to tell your engine to start!

Step 5: Set Everything Up

1. Make sure everything's set up on that track of yours.

2. The man with the flag, the windy road, and your racer core!

Step 6: Program Your SAMs!

1. Now it's time to open SAM Space.

2. Turn on and drag 4 SAM Sliders and 2 DC Motors onto the interface.

3. Connect the dots to make the base.

4. Use the Sliders to steer and for speed, and the DC motors to create the chase.

5. Go and have a merry little race!



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