Step 7: Test circuit

Picture of Test circuit
Connect a 220 ohm resistor to pin 5.

Connect an LED between the resistor and +5V.

It should blink.

Congratulations. You're done.
tomvonmom7 months ago

I see you connecting the diode to +5V. Doesn't it fry the micro controller? In my head I would rather go Pin 0 -> diode -> 220ohm -> GND

shinystuff made it!11 months ago

Great tutorial, really helpful! I had only one problem with the pin-out of the ATtiny85 but I figured it out.

doriancin1 year ago

This is a great tutorial!! I have just one question, can I use the EEPROM and WIRE libraries with the ATTINY45 the datasheet says it support the i2c protocol ...

iruwl2 years ago
Thanks :)
mrmerino2 years ago
Are all of the I/O pins configureable as inputs and outputs? Or are woke of them dedicated inputs and others outputs?
Thanks! So can I write and load a sketch onto this little chip just like I would the UNO or something? This little form factor could be handy if you just have 1 or 2 sensors you'r working with.