Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
In the photo, clockwise from the top:

- Helping hands: indispensable. (Pro tip: Put heat shrink tube over the alligator clips so its more gentle on your components.)

- LED tester (optional): this is just a 9V batter, a resistor & some alligator clips to test the rows and columns of LEDs as they're sewed together. Optional, but satisfying to see each row light up as you finish sewing them.

- Soldering iron & stand

- Locking forceps: helpful in threading near the top of the umbrella where its difficult to reach.

- Seam ripper: for mistakes. 

- Scissors

- Tape measure: For spacing the LEDs on the umbrella

- Large-eye needles

- Wire Cutter

- Needle-nose pliers

- Breadboard: I find its always a good idea to test my circuits before making them permanent. I tested the ardunio in conjunction with the MAX7219 board on a tiny 8x8 LED matrix I had around.

- lighter: for the heat shrink tube

- Multimeter

- Solder sucker: mistakes were made

- Wire stripper

That's it. Lets get building...