Create light patterns on your fairy wings using a microcontroller called Schemer. This is a simple example with 10 Lightboards; the Schemer can power up to 20. You can also get another component called Max which lets you add additional battery power to plug in even more. 

What I like about the Schemer system is that you can connect all its components  using only two wires/threads instead of having to wire each one to the board individually. This makes for less conductive thread used, but also a more simplified design for your wiring. All the components are small enough that they will fit on fairy wings and be relatively unobtrusive. And for added fun, since the Schemer is programmable from an iPhone/iPod you can actually change the patterns while wearing it/out and about without having to hook up a computer.

Here's a video of them in action:

Step 1: Materials


* Schemer Board and 2 sets of lightboards from Aniomagic. Unfortunately the Schemer only works with Schemer compatible components, so you can't substitute regular LEDs.
* Sewable Coin cell battery holder - I am using a plastic one, but you can also substitute with a felt one.
* 3V CR2032 Coin Cell Battery - if ordering from Aniomagic's site it is the 'large' battery.
* Conductive Thread
* Needle and Cotton Thread (make sure your needle fits through the holes in the Schemer, Lightboards, and battery holder holes)
* Felt
* Hot Glue Gun & Glue
* Scissors
* Pen/Pencil
* Velcro
* Cardboard/Posterboard
Very tastefully done. The choice of light and fabric makes the illumination look like a natural part of the design. <br>
Even better - fancy programable blinky bling fairy wings!!<br>perfect for next weekend.

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