KAP-V (Knex Programmable Automated Vehicle) V1.1





Introduction: KAP-V (Knex Programmable Automated Vehicle) V1.1

Do NOT Build this, Build V2

This my Programmable Robot. It can move left, right and forwards, I am working on making a larger robot that writes words! But this one is simple to programme. You just push the white rods on the chain to make it move left or right. To make it move forward, position the rods in the middle

Now With Video you guys have been waiting for!
If the video doesn't work, visit my you tube channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnVjlZDps3w&feature=channel_page for the viedo, sorry for the quality

Step 1:

Make the chassis and gears

Step 2:

Making the programme mechanism

Step 3:

Attaching the mechanism to the chassis
Note: in picture 3, it wouln't let me put the notes in, so you have to connect the mechanism to the white and blue rods on the chassis as shown

Step 4:

The chain to use is 19 connectors long and the white rod are connected at an angle. The pattern for you robot to move in a square is as follows:
middle middle middle down down down down down down down down down down down middle middle middle middle middle.



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    If You made the chain really long, metres long, you could write binary programs on it. Then you would need to make binary decoder to translate the code into movement. your way is beautifully simple but, come on you could be the Duke of Turing.

    Wouldn't it actually be ternary (trinary) programs instead of binary, since the rods could be positioned three ways? That would allow it to be far shorter.


    OMG this is great! 10000000000000000 stars and fav!

    Video video! Can you program it to go around a corner, stop, wait about 10 sec, then come back?

    well, the program can only be as long as the chain. to make it do what you want you need to make the chain bigger so you can program all of that in.

    Well you can make it wait ten seconds by taking the white rods out.

    Could you make one with a tower, then use a way longer chain?

    Man this is awesome. I might use this on my new project. You’ll get credit.