What is an ACEDUINO? It is the Philippine Arduino clone. See pic 2 and 3.

Quote from Fall Electronics:

If you have already tried you have found out you can't use the ATTiny chips in Arduino. This is because it doesn't have the cores for the chips. A core in this context is a bunch of code and text that tells Arduino which pins are which, how fast the clock can go, how to upload the program, which functions the chip knows... basically it's an in-depth profile of the chip. 

I have tried almost every way to program an ATtiny2313 with an Arduino that i could find. For what ever reason none of them ever worked.  If you have had such a problem and want to remedy it or are just the curious type then read on.

Step 1: Not working

Coding isn't old hat for me so all of these seamed rather complicated.
Here is some of the more common ones i had tried that i couldn't get to work: Ladyada, ToasterBotics, Hilow. I imagine these are working for a lot of people but how, i dunno.

In the picture that shows my IDE you can see the list of boards i have to choose from. There is one choice for the ATtiny2313  with no clock options.
When ever i select this option and try to compile say the blink sketch, it will always through an error. Any sketch, any time, any where.

This was one the procedure that i used here. If you can get this to work you are a better man than I.  
Huh, I thought these couldn't be used in an Arduino-type board because they're missing 8 pins...
What do you mean? Used in Arduino-type boards. <br>Do you think i am plugging a ATtiny2313 into an Arduino board? <br>Because if that's what you are talking about please see step 3.
OK, got confused for a minute. Seems like it's programmed in almost exactly the same way an ATMega328 is, just with slightly different pins.
Yes they are programmed in the same manner. That's the beauty of Arduino.
Thanks WWC! I'll have to give this a try!
Hi thanks for the comment. <br>It would be nice to see if it works for you. <br>Thanks

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