This is the last one of my 'Things that make life easier' series, I published in the last few days.
It's very simple, but most of the time the simple things are the most helpful.

I always used the big 10 pin jack for programming my AVRs because my programmer also had the 10pin jack.

With the time lapse module for the rollei camera a new requirement came up: Space. I wanted to make it as small as possible, so I changed from 10pin to a 6 pin jack.

This is how to make a working connection between a 10pin and a 6pin jack.

You need one of each jack (6pin and 10pin) and a 6-wire flat cable.

Step 1: Pin Assignment

Before we start it is important to obey the pin assignment of the two jacks as they differ a bit.
Take a look at the pin assignments of the first pictures and the colors of the flat cable in the second picture.
That gives us:
RED           MISO
Orange      VCC
yellow        SCK
green         MOSI
blue           Reset
violet          GND

<p>Tried this then saw my 2x three prong cables and made this that worked fine</p>
<p>fyi, my board is still junk. But it powered up and worked as it should</p>
Nicely explained and made.<br>That was the ible I was looking for. <br>I lost my 10-to-6 pin cable.<br>I know my next week end activity...
It's always nice to hear that it is useful for someone! <br>Thanks for your comment!<br>
awesome job on the pictures, really nice macro's

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