Picture of Programming the ATtiny
This is a tutorial for programming the ATtiny chip. This tutorial will be more in depth than most. I will give you every step and tell you the things nobody told me when I first started programming ATtiny.

Things You'll Need

- Arduino Uno( Can be done with other boards but I will be using the UNO)

- ATtiny 85 or equivalent

- 10 uF Capacitor

- Jumper wire

- Breadboard


Step 1: Software

Picture of Software
Screenshot 2014-01-12 23.38.44.png
First off, we're gonna need the software. If you don't already have it, go to arduino.cc and download the latest version. Next were gonna need to install the ATtiny core files, which are included down below. Open up the arduino software and go to "file" and click on "preferences" take note of you sketchbook location. You'll need it later. CLOSE the IDE, if you don't it won't work until you do. Download the ATtiny core files I've included below. Go into the sketchbook and go to the hardware folder. Drag and drop the "tiny" file into that hardware folder. Now reopen the IDE and click on "tools" and then click on "boards". There should be a whole new set of boards availible including the ATtiny 85. For now, just leave the board as UNO.

Thanks for the informative Ible. I went ahead and burned the bootloader before I added the blink sketch so the ATtiny85V-10PU will run at 8MHz. It seems a shame to run an IC at a lower speed than it is capable of running. I'm planning on embedding these instead of ATmega328s to save $$$$ money. Thanks!!

AirForce5907 months ago
I'm going to order a ton of AtTiny45s from Jameco, as I'm making kits for my Makerspace. I needed to preprogram them with a demo sketch. Thanks!
Raphango made it!1 year ago

Great man! Many thanks! I made it with na Arduino Nano V 3.0. It's basically the same process.

For in depth explanations, go here:



NaughtySlayer18 (author) 1 year ago

Yes, you can program it to move a motor. You may have to use a motor driver to drive the motor because the attiny can only source and sink around 40mA of current. But, I digress. all you would have to do is write something similar to the blink sketch to make it move, using an H-bridge to change directions

will I be able to program this to make a motor move slow or fast in one or the other direction

NaughtySlayer18 (author) 1 year ago
Is there anyway you can copy and paste your code into a notepad file and place it on here?
infanati1 year ago

I did all that to my ATTiny85 and all i keep getting is OUPUT not declared in this scope

Idrispo1 year ago

Hey, can you show me your reference on Attiny13 wit Arduino. I'm a newbie here

NaughtySlayer18 (author)  Idrispo1 year ago

Hello, If you download the attached file and put it in the hardware folder. This will give you the Attiny13 as a selectable board from the boards pull-down menu in the Arduino IDE. The ATtiny13 has the same pinout as the Attiny85 and programming it is the same as any other ATtiny. Thanks to diy_bloke for the core files