Programming the ATtiny

Picture of Programming the ATtiny
This is a tutorial for programming the ATtiny chip. This tutorial will be more in depth than most. I will give you every step and tell you the things nobody told me when I first started programming ATtiny.

Things You'll Need

- Arduino Uno( Can be done with other boards but I will be using the UNO)

- ATtiny 85 or equivalent

- 10 uF Capacitor

- Jumper wire

- Breadboard


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Step 1: Software

Picture of Software
Screenshot 2014-01-12 23.38.44.png
First off, we're gonna need the software. If you don't already have it, go to and download the latest version. Next were gonna need to install the ATtiny core files, which are included down below. Open up the arduino software and go to "file" and click on "preferences" take note of you sketchbook location. You'll need it later. CLOSE the IDE, if you don't it won't work until you do. Download the ATtiny core files I've included below. Go into the sketchbook and go to the hardware folder. Drag and drop the "tiny" file into that hardware folder. Now reopen the IDE and click on "tools" and then click on "boards". There should be a whole new set of boards availible including the ATtiny 85. For now, just leave the board as UNO.

Step 2: Arduino as ISP

Picture of Arduino as ISP
Screenshot 2014-01-12 01.23.38.png
Now we need to program the Arduino as an ISP( In-System Programmer). To do this go into the examples and look for ArduinoISP. Open this file and upload the sketch to the UNO as you would with any normal sketch. You have now turned the Arduino into an external programmer.

Step 3: Hooking up the ATtiny to the UNO

Picture of Hooking up the ATtiny to the UNO
Next step, attach the ATtiny to the Arduino.

Arduino Pin          Attiny Pin
    10           to             1
    11           to             5 
    12           to             6
    13           to             7
    5v           to             8
    GND       to             4

*note: See pictures for pin configuration of the tiny

Now you need to put the 10uF capacitor between the reset and GND. Be sure to observe polarity( the small negative signs go to ground).
If you don't put the cap in there it won't work.

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