Project 1 - How to make a 5-pointed Celtic Star

Picture of Project 1 - How to make a 5-pointed Celtic Star

If you are new to chain mailing and have never done it before, please read through Volume 1 - Introduction to Chainmail on the parts of rings, how to use them, the tools to use, and how to open and close rings. It also contains links to where you can purchase a wide variety of rings and tools.

This is a simple version of a 5-pointed Celtic Star using only two different ring sizes with an optional third ring size. A 6-pointed version can also be made but with more rings and different sizes. A later project will cover the 6-pointed Celtic Star.

Ring sizes and quantities for the 2-ring version of this project are:

  • 5/16"-16swg(.064") - 15 total (larger silver and red rings)
  • 3/16"-18swg(.048") - 31 total (smaller inner red, green, and blue rings and outer red rings)

Optional 3 ring version:

  • 5/16"-16swg(.064") - 15 total (larger silver and red rings)
  • 3/16"-18swg(.048) - 26 total (smaller inner blue, green, and red rings)
  • 1/8"-20swg(.036") - 5 total (smallest outer red rings)

The rest of this project will show how to make the 2-ring version. Only in the last steps will the 3-ring version be shown as an optional variation.

I've given this project a Christmas color theme but you can use any colors you wish.

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Step 1: Inner base rings

Picture of Inner base rings
Close ten 3/16"-18swg blue rings. Put those on one open 3/16"-18swg blue ring and close.

Step 2: Middle base rings

Picture of Middle base rings
Take one red 5/16"-16swg ring, open it, and pass it through two of the outer blue rings from step 1 then close the red ring.

Do the same for the next two distinct blue rings and continue around until you've looped five red rings through two distinct blue rings each.

Step 3: Middle base connecting rings

Picture of Middle base connecting rings
Take a 3/16"-18swg green ring and pass it through two of the larger red rings then close.

Repeat this process four more times. The key to this step is to close a green ring through a new red ring and one of the previous red rings. 

You should end up with five small green rings closed between two large red rings each.
Auriya3 years ago
it looks pretty on the screen, but i made it and it is really floppy and i can not suspend it from anything. Is there a way to tighten it up and actually have it hold its shape?
not mentioned here, but there's a unit called AR, aspect ratio, relation between ring-size and wire-gauge (size divided by gauge). It's used to determine, what rings are best for a specific weave.
jbb3141 mentioned maille artisans internation league and its huge list of weaves; use its search function to find out more about your desired weave and its AR: (celtic star is listed under units-category)
SAILCATZ3 years ago
i am have so much trouble with this i understand how to put it together and i do but its so loose in the end it looks so stupid :(i used your gauge size then i used different gauge sizes i need some advise
Pola B.4 years ago
es hermoso el trabajo.!!!
jbb3141 (author)  Pola B.4 years ago
Pola B.4 years ago
this work is fantastic ... congratulations .... Pola
It would be great ..... thanks in Spanish was