Project 2: Delta Robot





Introduction: Project 2: Delta Robot

About: I want to build my moon base with remote controlled robots and solar sintering.

This is a delta robot, aka a pick & place machine.  When done right they can be incredibly fast and accurate.  Combined with a camera they can do all kinds of assembly line work.  With three more servos I could make a hexapod (aka Stewart Platform) which is a really great way to build a flight/driving simulator.

In my upcoming instructable you will learn:
- how to build the robot
- how to apply high school algebra to program the robot in arduino
- the importance of doing your homework

Here's the SourceForge project with all the code to simulate / run your own.  Includes Arduino-ready code, too!



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    nice! do you use any shield or just plug the servos to the arduino pins?

    The openGL simulator, does it need to be compiled? Can you post a standalone or a executable for us non-programmer mortals?

    again..nice work!

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    Thanks! I love building robots, I'm doing it semi-professionally now.

    I believe there's a precompiled windows exe in the package. You can plug the pins directly into the PWMs. I would suggest using a breadboard to make your life easier. I used a shield for v1, and threw it out in v2 because it added too much error. If you really want to do this well switch up to stepper motors and sparkfun EasyDrivers to get much higher resolution, control, and stability.


    cannot find the exe! only cpp and h files.......
    can you compile it?

    sadly I only have 180º servos at the time...
    Do they still work with your arduino code? Do I have to modify your firmata to match my servo pins?

    I used 180º servos, too. They're standard hobby servos.

    Almost guaranteed you will have to change firmware or setup to make the two match.

    Added a zip with the windows exe to


    great! I´m currently assembling this one:  LINK

    I´ll bother you again most certainly ! here in Argentina it´s hard to find any resources....

    For robots it is hard to find resources anywhere. I had to piece this together from a dozen different sources. When you get it working, be sure to send me pics/video so I can mention it in the tutorial!

    I'll have to clean it up a lot. I'd feel better about releasing it if I had some help to improve the physical design. If we work together we could ALL have nice things.

    By hexapod do you mean Stewart Platform? It looks like your control may be suffering from too much time between pulses to each servo. Would it be faster if only the 3 servos you're using are updated?

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    Stewart Platform is correct! I *am* updating only the three. I can update only one and still see the entire robot jitter. I'm running my code at 1/10th the default speed because the paper will probably tear itself apart.