Want to improve camera skills?
Love photography?

So- Why should I do Project 365?

-Photography Skills- After a year of using your camera everyday you are bound to get better at using your camera, understanding  photography and become more creative when it comes to taking pictures.

-Looking for a new years resolution?

-Imagine looking back and knowing what you did every single day for a whole year! Amazing- right? Who you met, what you did, where you were, what you learnt all in a giant album of your life.

-Are you one of those people that keeps on trying to keep at a project, but always gets distracted? After doing a single project for a year you will become more and more stuck on keeping at one project.

-Conversation starter. I'm a functional mute and have found that its a easy base for anyone who is into photography.

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This short tutorial is going to show you how to get into, keep at and enjoy Project 365.

Step 1: Getting Started

All you need is  camera, and tools to be able to upload onto your chosen site.

A camera phone is perfect if you don't have much time or travel a lot. I used my digital camera, and camera phone for the majority of my project. 

You can upload it on any site you choose for example Facebook, Flickr or Google+ , anywhere you like! You can also create a private album on these sites- so only friends and family can view the album
Love this! Especially your sample "diary entry" (I love NCIS re-runs!) - you showed how to keep it simple-not stressful like you said in your comments. I'm going to start tomorrow...Sept 15, 2013! And suggest this to my 14 yr old son...he loves Photos and it's his first year of high school! Thank you!
Wow, cool. I might start next year of at the halfway point of this year...

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