Project A





Introduction: Project A

Hey guys, its FINALLY here, after 10-15 request and a good rating, ive decided to post, there may be a few probs, but you can tweak it to your liking, hope you like it, now lets get BUILDING!!!

Its weird, i noticed that i only used 2 cut rods in this gun, i surprised myself, i usually use more, lol

Step 1: Stock

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Step 2: Main Body/handle

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Step 3: Barrel

Follow notes, very simple

Step 4: Assembly

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Step 5: YAY Your Almost Done


Step 6: Not Done Yet

Attachments And Mags

Step 7: Band Placement

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    I had build the gost 3.0 and shooting sucked -_-, i want to build this ´project A´ but not if it doesn´t fire well... please let me now

    Yes this gun fires

    of course it fires but does it fire hard? (50-60feet)

    ummm yes with the correct banding and placement. I modded mine to have Solekillers ram system though.

    Thats weird, i built the ghost 3.0 And it was amazing, unless you did something wrong, and blue mullet said this gun was amazing, so take it from us and build if you want, but im not going to force you to

    Maby I made the mechanism rong because every time the bullets kind of hook on to eechother.

    Why doesnt anyone post pics of the finished products?

    I plan to build it :)

    how many yellow connectors does this take and how far does it shoot