A cool gun i made in like 2 hrs, not that great, mainly for looks, but i need to get better, so check it out =D

Still working on it, first shot messes up sometimes, its pretty reliable, but still needs tweaking
how on earth did you get the mag to work like that?? i try so hard to do things like that, but they never work
It mainly works off the pusher, the way its made allows the bullets to still feed horizontally instead of diagonally. And as for the mag actually fitting, it connects in one spot away from the handle direction, and the weight causes the back to go down, but only so far, and it stays in place.
wow, so the mag works with both gravity and the relying upon the pusher to make the rounds feed on the angle?
pretty much <br>
yep.. mind = blown
post!!!!! PLZ
It is, heres the link---v<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Project-A-1/">Project A</a>
Your welcome<br>
wow cool I'm going to make it,<br><br> but just one thing what is the max. range?
To be honest, i didnt measure, but it got the same range as the ghost 3.0
I like this, very nice stock connections, especially the pin guide parts. I may even try it on something of my own design.
Credit though :o
I probably wouldn't post, just something for fun.
could you at least post a pic?
Yes, when I actually get round to making something.
Just want to ask, why not post it this Martin Luther King weekend, you would have three days to post it?
ill try, and true
Please do your best to post this weekend, because I'll definitely build.
still tweaking it
How close are you to posting it!? Because I really want to build.
Im gonna try my best to do it today, if not tomorow
Please try and do it today!!!!!!! A lot of people want you to post!!!!!
Yeah, i noticed :D
How far are you on the pictures? You know taking pictures.
I need to buy another sd card or borrow one, cuz i accidentally scratched mine and now it wont work &gt;.&lt;
So let me get this straight, you took the pictures but you didn't upload them because of an sd card? If in that case, use an sd card quickly or borrow one!!!
its a micro sd, my mom or dad has one
Alright so your going to use that, right? Your mom and dad's sd card? Also did you finish taking pictures yet?
Just did, now gotta make the ible
Let me know when your done with the ible please!!!!!!!
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Project-A-1/">Thought you would like this!!!</a>
Please post soon though!!!!!!!
Lots of people want you to post so please do, i WILL build
Soon, not too soon though cuz i have to deal with school, and homework, so not too soon
You better. And how long?
idk, a week or 2
i can wait<br>
lol, come in out of nowhere XD
Im almost at 1000 comments :D
how much more?
like 18
now 17
actually 13
Awwwww man
yea =/

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