Project Advantage: Install a famiclone into a NES Advantage Joystick

Picture of Project Advantage: Install a famiclone into a NES Advantage Joystick
One day this summer I was coming home from work and popped into a thrift store. Back in my favorite section, the electronics section, I spotted a couple cheap and odd Looking N64 controllers. Digging them out the controllers turned out to be a "Power Joy III and a "Super Joy" TV plug n play game systems, at a buck each I could not pass them up.

Both of these are very cheaply made Nintendo Famicom clones, both feature Famicom cart slots, but the power joy ended up having rom's included inside the controller itself. Both units were extreamly beaten, broken and nearly unplayable .. there is only so much you can do with rubber bands and duct tape in a situation like this, so I decided to make my own TV plug in play system housed inside a much better controller, the NES Advantage.

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Step 1: Washing of the Advantage

The nes advantage is a beloved controller by many, it offers arcade style layout and offers plenty of room inside. I snagged one off the bay for practically nothing and once I received it, I noticed many of the complaints about it were strong with my controller as well.

Sluggish joystick, and buttons that would get stuck if you did not hit them dead center, + it was very dirty even though the seller said "clean". Taking it apart for cleaning would be needed and I attempted to fix these issues by replacing the 20 something year old rubber domes with tactile switches.

The results to me are mixed, its much snappier, especially in the joystick. but the buttons dont play like a video game button, but like a tactile switch. It doesn't take but a little click of the finger to activate them, but if you thunk down on them like you would an arcade button its like hitting a rock.

Cleaning the advantage was pretty easy, just pop it apart, and anything that is not metal or electronic gets tossed in a sink of warm soapy water, then given a light scrub down. Everything else is q-tipped with cleaner and alcohol
arkangel19759 months ago
I love the IIc used as a mini monitor stand!
osgeld (author)  arkangel19759 months ago
Oh I actually use the IIc, and that's kind of where that little screen lives as its the only one I have that works well with 80 col text
ccronkhite osgeld9 months ago
That reminds me of when I got a N64 for xmas when i was in high school. Whent to hook it up but none of our tvs had RCA jacks! There were no stores open to buy an addapter so I ended up hooking it up to the monitor that whent with my dad's old IIe which actually has an RCA video jack. So I played Golden Eye and Army Men for the first time in black and green with no sound :D

Is it possible to add a second controller to the famiclone? what I'm thinking of Is a jack to hook up a regular nintendo controller for two player games.

What I really want to build is a arcade machine loaded with tons of roms. I'll eventually get around to it.
osgeld (author)  ccronkhite9 months ago
yes this model has a second player jack that you could wire into a NES port, or the second part of the advantage (you could flip a switch and pass the advantage for turn taking)