Project BOX K'nex Ball Machine





Introduction: Project BOX K'nex Ball Machine

My smallest Ball Machine to date. Also, this is my final tiny ball machine. From now on, I go bigger (no pun intended).


Red Rods: 3
Yellow Rods: 20
Blue Rods: 197
White Rods: 58
Green Rods: 100
Blue 3D Connectors:20
Purple 3D Connectors: 103
White 8-Slot Connectors: 39
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 56
Green 4-Slot Connectors: 6
Red 3-Slot Connectors: 19
Orange 2-Slot Connectors: 7
Gray 2-Slot Connectors: 1
Gray 1-Slot Connectors: 9
Tan/Brown/Orange Tabbed Connectors: 2
Motors: 1
Balls: 1
Blue Bearings: 7
Silver Bearings: 5
Gears: 4 Red
Chain Links: 35
Black Y Connectors: 2
Total: 695 Pieces

Step 1: The Center Frame

This is where the lift will be located.

Step 2: The Wheel Side

This side will hold the wheel later on.

Step 3: The Other Side

This side will hold the other stuff.

Step 4: The Top Gear

This part will support the chain.

Step 5: Mini Thisorthat

This part decides where the ball goes.

Step 6: The Micro Ramp

This leads to the Wheel.

Step 7: The Wheel

This part spins. Build, take out a blue rod, then put in the Wheel. Replace blue rod.

Step 8: The Ramps

These two make the ball drop.

Step 9: The Chain

This part has 35 Black chain links.

Step 10: Usage

Fix this part.

Add ball, Turn on.



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    Great ball machine, I built it and I love it. Thanks!

    is this big or small chain links beacus i only have small if so can u give me links to where to buy some big ones

    ebay or but get the standerd from knex those are the one you are looking for not the other ones the other ones are small

    what is the big knex thing in the back round

    I made this a while ago but i can say you're very smart!