This is a collection of project-based engineering lessons for kids. Project-based learning allows students to control the direction and pace of their learning. Activities that promote investigation, critical thinking, and hands-on subject matter are also central to project-based learning.

These project-based lessons focus on basic principles of physics, structural, and mechanical engineering. Physical models are built from a similar set of materials that can be easily sourced online (links are provided in-lesson).

All of the project plans in this collection are designed to be used in an after school enrichment setting, though you may use and modify these ideas for other not-for-profit purposes provided you cite The Workshop for Young Engineers.

This is a growing and improving collection of lesson plans. Please comment to share your ideas to improve lessons and photos of your designs.

Easy and exciting!
36K 88
A lesson in lift, drag, and stored energy
109K 146
Combine a series of hinges to create an extendable grabber.
26K 167
An advanced-looking project built using simple techniques.
28K 200
Highly customizable and fun to use
42K 286
Three different plans for cork-shooting projectile launchers
87K 236
Fast and fun, a good introductory project. Needs a bit of space.
22K 37
Add flexibility to your project repertoire.
52K 69
Simple, sturdy, strong.
68K 88
Keep a hard-boiled egg safe as it races other cars down a ramp and crashes into a wall.
50K 80
Simple hydraulics are used to power four different projects of varying difficulty.
265K 165
This open-ended design challenge requires students to build towers that can withstand gusts of wind
8.8K 10
Simple hydraulics used to control grappling JudoBots
97K 153
Some kids would build nothing but these if I let them
44K 749
Combine simple 2D shapes made of straws and sticks to create more complex 3D constructs
6.1K 13
A well balanced project with a satisfying end product.
72K 117
A simple hinge and trigger are used to extend one's grasp
40K 340
An unusual project that explores the gyroscope effect
32K 143
A unique project that mimics the way a real mousetrap functions.
21K 55
This project uses the same principles as the other Bow and Arrow Instructable.
7.9K 19
A simple variant of the Viking Catapult
5.6K 30
An easy project powered by air captured in a paper sail
15K 24
Fun! A project to engage all ages.
138K 107
Push the car off of a table and watch it glide to the floor and continue rolling
17K 122
Held together only with tape and straws, yet incredibly sturdy and high-performing
18K 57