Step 6: Damnit...more hinges

Picture of Damnit...more hinges
So the door is mostly done and the flush mount lock is installed. At this point the only thing to do is get the hinges attached to the box we made. Now at this point the door ended weighing like 30lbs or something so keep in mind the weak little box I built isn’t going to really support it well. The end strength will come from when it’s installed. So I just took the door and gently placed it in the box and marked off where the hinges lined up. After that I just popped the hinge off the pin and traced it out on the box or the jamb as you’d call it. Have I mentioned how much I hate hinges lately? All I can say is take your time especially if you are working with a soft wood like I am. Although the good thing about that is you can use a razor blade to clean up the edges.