Project DESTRUCTION Part 2



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Introduction: Project DESTRUCTION Part 2

this is the second and longest part of Project DESTRUCTION

Step 1: The Ball Catcher

this is the part that sends the balls to the chain lift part 

Step 2: The Base

this is the start of the chain lift thingy.

Step 3: The Tower

This is the main tower and the last step before Attaching.

Step 4: Attaching

Attach everything together.

Step 5: Join Part 1 to Part 2 is the part where you join part 1 to part 2 if you havent built part 1 yet the link to it is above.



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    you need to get a lift and increase the tower by at least 30 inches and if you got enough k'nex resting make a second tower with a nice spiral


    greetings: kululknex

    p.s. friends call me btk or btkiller

    this is exactly the same a the bottom part of the big ball factory...

    4 replies

    parts 2 and 3 are the only bits thats the same

    no offense but I think you shouldn't do that.

    Thats the only one im doing like that, the rest are going to be 100%mine.

    i mean as the bottom part