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Project: English is just me changing other instrucutables that are in languages other than English into English using Google Translate

Step 1: Motive

I was scrolling through instructables looking for a new project when I came across one in spanish. So I asked instructables to translate it but they said they didn't have the money to accomplish this. Because of this I'm going to translate others instructables into English

Step 2: My Self-rules for This

I will make sure to include the name of each instructable I translate so as to not take credit for their genius.

Step 3: Group Participation

Please write in the comments non-English instructables bexause I don't have enough time to look for them on my own

Step 4: Terms

Attention! I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR ANYONE'S IDEAS AND AM JUST PUTTING THEM IN ENGLISH. Please if you want to comment on this state your mind politely and respectively.Thank you


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