Project First. (of Many I Hope) :)





Introduction: Project First. (of Many I Hope) :)

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This is the finished ball machine I worked on for four weeks 1 day. This is the link to the video



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    Cool! Is there a vid? And is that infinity switch my switch? well don! :D

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    yes that is your infinity switch also this is the link for the video

    Cool! (no special thanks to me or yardking, coz of switch)

    sorry it wouldn't fit in i was going to

    no problem. I still like it!

    Not bad! And I agree with Tornado, you should make a shorter one so that you'll have more pieces to make it more dense. Also, is there a video?

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    the link is above

    My 30th comment hip hip hooray

    I got your 20th commenter a week ago, lol.

    lol to you to =D =)

    Nevermind, I found it in the comment you posted. You should put the link in the description.

    no prob

    Well done! Next time try going a bit smaller so you can fit more paths and elements in :-) Can't wait to see future projects!

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    Thanks i know you didn't ask but the video is above

    Ahh. it's pretty simple. Good luck on your next one!

    that is very nice, well done! I like rolling ball sculptures. There is a massive web community for them.

    Remember it's good to give your project a name that reflects what's in it. You'll get lots more people looking at it.