Project George Bush-A Knex Ball Machine





Introduction: Project George Bush-A Knex Ball Machine

This is my first ball machine ^^. Its not very good or exciting but i enjoyed making it. i had to use golf balls instead of knex balls since i don't have any. Since it was my first ball machine it's just 2 curves a chute into a basket into a sloped path to the lift....If your wondering why i named it "project george bush" its because i assumed my ball machine would sorta suck and not work very well,sorta like george bush.IMO



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    LOL Still laughing from the name. Great job for your first. My first was a ball rolling down a piece of track. I had to put it back every time. Then again I was 8 back then.

    I agree with you the name is hilarious

    The ball machine is ok but as sorunome says do more paths

    yea maybe i'll try another ball machine after i finish the l85 im workin on.

    YEs I agree. Looking forward to more ball machines from you.

    I meant tubanator :-P But you too.

    yea my next one will hopefully have a bit more to far it has a lift to a basket itll fall onto a arm onto a curved path then onto some back and forth path to a vpath then onto a bouncer(?) into another basket.

    Sounds goood. But make thistime more than one path.

    ill try if i have enough pieces....perhaps i could do a divider in the basket and just split it.