DA-OTF Hidden Blade: Functional and 3D-Printable Hidden Blade Prop





Introduction: DA-OTF Hidden Blade: Functional and 3D-Printable Hidden Blade Prop

Have you ever wanted your own Assassin's Creed style hidden blade? Well here it is!

This hidden blade is based off of Ammnra's blade and features the DA-OTF(Double Action- Out The Front) Mechanism to propel the blade inward and outward with the flick of your wrist. I tweaked the hidden blade to make it operate smoother and fit more comfortably on your forearm. I have high hopes of eventually selling these bad boys to fellow cosplayers and Assassin's Creed fans.

The Mechanism: go here for an OTF Knife explanation. I recreated this mechanism by basing it off of someone called Amnnra. He does not sell his creation and I want the public to be able to have it. Anyway, if you want to see this in action check out one of his videos here.
His functions almost the exact same to this one except this one has gotten the kinks worked out and has a two tier extension, which allows for a longer more realistic blade.
This is basically what happens inside the blade casing: A piece of string is attached to a ring on one side and a rubber band on the other. The rubber band and string rap around a wheel and turn it when the ring (attached to finger) is pulled. When the wheel turns it activates the OTF mechanism which propels the blade forward. There is a special piece that locks the tiers so they dont retract unwantedly. To retract it you simply pull the string again and the OTF mechanism will retract it. If this made no sense to you, click the links of the words above. they will direct you to videos that will help you understand. :)



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    Mechanism does not work.

    I would like to purchase your designs in order to build your hidden blade. Please email me at gowen107@yahoo.com I have access to a 3D printer and could even build you one if you'd like :D

    i can sell you one?

    He actually does sell these:


    This is my version of the hidden blade


    you should check it out! Very nice looking blade here sir!

    is the scale in cm or inches? I know basically nothing about 3d printing, and dont know which one it is.

    follow the youtube link and download google sketchup.

    i would like to get a set of the printable designs without having to pay to go pro please, if you wouldnt mind, that would be a great help!