Step 7: Steampunk Engineer Costume - GO!

Picture of Steampunk Engineer Costume - GO!
Finally place the harness and straps back inside your hard hat and there you have it! The Steampunk Helmet!

You are more than welcome to add other things to your Steampunk Helmet, like goggles, or a head lamp.
Moem3 years ago
I loved your project so much I made a version of my own. Less sprockets, more LEDs and an ATtiny... this is more of a high-tech helmet.
Since we're not in Rub'N'Buff country, I used silver paint. I used sandpaper on the helmet first, to get a better adhering coat. Then put the hot gle on.Then the flat black went on, over the hot glue.
All my paints are acrylic so they won't bite one another.  I sprayed the silver paint on a small paint roller and rolled it over the flat black, rather sparsely.

The circuit board was sprayed with the same silver paint to make it more one with the helmet. The batteries for the LEDs are on the inside of the helmet. I cut a hole in the helmet that the battery holder fits through.

Folks at my local hackerspace are impressed and want one of their own, so I'll be doing a workshop soon  :-)
Thank you!
Cheap, simple, effective! Love it!