Picture of Project IMMEUBLE K'nex Ball Machine
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 003.jpg
Here it is, my (third) brand new K'nex ball machine. This one is somewhat more difficult than the other ones. A few people have requested I make instructions, so without further wait...


Gray Rods: 5
Red Rods: 41
Yellow Rods: 113
Blue Rods: 219
White Rods: 103
Green Rods: 151
Flexi Rods: 4
Blue 3D Connectors: 84
Purple 3D Connectors: 70
White 8-Slot Connectors: 21
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 138
Green 4-Slot Connectors: 5
Red 3-Slot Connectors: 71
Orange 2-Slot Connectors: 29
Gray 2-Slot Connectors: 20
Gray 1-Slot Connectors: 14
Tan/Brown/Orange Tabbed Connectors: 2
Motors: 1/2
Balls: 5 or less
Blue Bearings: 6
Silver Bearings: 1
Gears: 4 Red
Chain Links: 52
Total: 1218 Pieces
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Step 1: The Tower, Part 1

Picture of The Tower, Part 1
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 015.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 017.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 018.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 019.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 020.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 021.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 022.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 023.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 024.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 025.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 026.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 027.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 028.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 030.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 031.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 002.jpg
This part is the bottom section of the main part of the tower.

Yellow Rods: 20
Blue Rods: 47
White Rods: 20
Green Rods: 5
Blue 3D Connectors: 28
Purple 3D Connectors: 18
White 8-Slot Connectors: 2
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 1
Red 3-Slot Connectors: 2
Orange 2-Slot Connectors: 3
Gray 2-Slot Connectors: 8
Gray 1-Slot Connectors: 6
Blue Spacers: 4
Gears: 2 Red
Total: 166 Pieces

Step 2: The Tower, Part 2

Picture of The Tower, Part 2
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 033.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 034.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 035.jpg
This is the second part of the main section of the tower.

Red Rods: 3
Yellow Rods: 12
Blue Rods: 22
Blue 3D Connectors: 11
Purple 3D Connectors: 10
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 1
Red 3-Slot Connectors: 1
Total: 60 Pieces

Step 3: The Tower, Part 3

Picture of The Tower, Part 3
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 037.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 038.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 039.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 040.jpg
This is the third part of the main Tower section.

Red Rods: 4
Yellow Rods: 12
Blue Rods: 18
Blue 3D Connectors: 10
Purple 3D Connectors: 6
Total: 50 Pieces

Step 4: The Tower, Part 4

Picture of The Tower, Part 4
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 042.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 043.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 044.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 045.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 046.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 047.jpg
Project IMMEUBLE 2008 048.jpg
This is the fourth part of the main tower. This includes the motor and top gear.
Upon completion, you are finished with the main part of the tower. Now you will be building the support half of the tower.

Red Rods: 3
Yellow Rods: 12
Blue Rods: 21
White Rods: 4
Green Rods: 6
Blue 3D Connectors: 10
Purple 3D Connectors: 8
White 8-Slot Connectors: 1
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 4
Orange 2-Slot Connectors: 1
Gray 1-Slot Connectors: 2
Tan/Brown/Orange Tabbed Connectors: 2
Blue Bearings: 2
Silver Bearings: 1
Gears: 2 Red
Total: 79 Pieces
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I like how compact it is.
knexman323 years ago
where do you put the path

coolsonic453 years ago
I wonder whats for dinner.

Pizzapie5005 years ago
8 white rods not 7 Step 9
give him a break he had to count 1200 peices
I was just trying to help...
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Dude 4 blue rods not 3 (on step 8)
Also 1 gray connector
dude does everything haf to be perfect and if not give give king darth trainman a little break all ready seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! love your ball tower TRAINMAN!
zzgs7 years ago
where can i find the balls?
pie25x zzgs5 years ago
In your underwear
he means the yellow\red balls
deviant7 years ago
hey traiman i want to make it but i dont have the balls what do i do
use golf balls or squash balls
January 28th?
Mepain Mad Cat7 years ago
June twelfth?
Darth Trainman (author)  Mepain7 years ago
June 13th?
... meow? ...


car alarm?
.....(as in tiny mouse guy saying hi)
i'm a bomb
giggity wiggity squiggity

Darth Trainman (author)  Mepain7 years ago
Was a?
LOL!!!you dont have balls!
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