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Introduction: Project Inverter K'nex Ball Machine

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It is a K'nex ball machine made using an inverter lift. I did not add on to it due to a lack of pieces. This is version 5.



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    Güd job putting that kind of lift in a ball machine. I tried once, but i couldn't get the ball to get back on the lift Now just add some (other) elements! P.S. ÜBERƒI§H REIGNS SUPREME!!!

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    I'm pretty sure that if I tried to put on some elements, it would fall down and break because it is fragile and it is hard to put almost anything on this type of lift and frame and I have barely enough pieces to create a support tower. I'm not going to add on to this probably due to it's need for high maintenance.

    well if you could post the lift and loading system, I'm sure people could modify it to their heart's content. as lots of people have many pieces, they could add elements themselves. I would be grateful if you would just post the lift. good job!

    Look for the lift in the K'nex ball machines group under the name, Knex Inverter lift, and I'll add a close up picture of the load.

    for loading, you just need to have something to flick the ball into the first part of the lift

    It Is Called the "Stepper" Lift,
    It Is Part Of The Old Ball Machine,
    This Contraption Is Just Missing a Bit Of the Objects On The original

    I might be able to do something with it, I just need some more pics on like the mech.

    I don't think I shall post this because I am constantly fixing it to make sure the ball doesn't fly off. I am currently on version 7 so this one is a bit outdated.