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Introduction: Project KBS

Hello fellow instructablers, and I bring you my one and only........ Project KBS. KBS stands for Knex Bullpup Sniper. I was looking around and though holy fudge, I can't find anyone who's made a Bullpup sniper so here it is. I tried to increase the performance by using the BAR system but does not perform how I was hoping.

Fairly light
Working Bullpup
Looks cool
Uses the B.A.R system
Gets about 35-40 feet
Removable mag
Very comfy

Mag is hard to insert
Trigger is not very reliable (I changed up the trigger so that I would not have to ruin the outer shell so I kept it compact so it does not function right 100%)

So that's it guys, BTW would you guys like me to do a Pros and Cons list or just Stats?

Leave me some feedback because I love to read you guys comments.



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    looks a bit like thr Lynx

    I just wanted to share something I made with you that I thought a fellow Bullpup enthusiast would appreciate :)

    I'm still working on making it work better (such as making it take less than 3 or 4 steps to chamber a round and adding an actual trigger) but I made what I'd like to call a pullpup, where the pin doesn't start behind the round (taking valuable space) but instead has a hook on one end so it pulls it out of the chamber and down the barrel, allowing for the chamber to be in theory less than an inch from the end of the stock. it works by pushing a round out of the magazine onto a loader mech, which (after pulling the bolt back) pushes the round up into a chamber, then the bolt comes forward and pulls that round and that round only out. tell me if you think it's anything more than a cool idea so I know whether or not to continue with the build and post an ible :)

    BTW great job on the Bullpup sniper, it looks pretty awesome


    Please post! I think it looks amazing. I would definitely build if there were instructions( if i had enough pieces). I love all your guns and would build them all if i had enough pieces!

    Thanks! This gun is long gone, but within a few days I'm posting a Remington 700 (with instructions) and I think you will like it better.

    Tactical or regular?

    Ok, when it comes out i will check it out!

    I don't like breaking pieces and it kind of makes the project un-makeable for me. I prefer oodammo, i wish people would make a nice oodammo assault rifle that works.

    What is a BAR system?

    KnexBuilds B.A.R mechanism. If you don't know what that is just look it up. What do you think of the gun?