Project Mackra As of 10/14/2010


Introduction: Project Mackra As of 10/14/2010

About: hi i enjoy making ludicrisly over the top and complex devices.... Being an ameture engineer, I refuse pick the easy option, but rather the one that seems best, which inevitably devolves into a weekend of ha...

heres part of what will be included in the Mackra software update that will be available soon, as always completely free and open source:] it will be available through the Project mackra instructable soon



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    If we glue a stick with a ball at the end would it go forever?

    3 replies

    By that i mean that if you glue the ball to the robot with the stick

    that is very cool! I'm actually not computer savy but clicked on this to have a look and very impressive!

    2 replies

    thanks, its all part of a movement im trying to start to make high level computing more accessible to the general public

    Well it's brilliant from what I can see!