video Project Mackra as of 10/14/2010

heres part of what will be included in the Mackra software update that will be available soon, as always completely free and open source:] it will be available through the Project mackra instructable soon
dombeef4 years ago
If we glue a stick with a ball at the end would it go forever?
kyle brinkerhoff (author)  dombeef4 years ago
By that i mean that if you glue the ball to the robot with the stick
yeah, lol
tbcross4 years ago
that is very cool! I'm actually not computer savy but clicked on this to have a look and very impressive!
kyle brinkerhoff (author)  tbcross4 years ago
thanks, its all part of a movement im trying to start to make high level computing more accessible to the general public
Well it's brilliant from what I can see!