Project N (Knex Ball Machine) - The Smallest and Most Pointless Ball Machine Ever

Picture of Project N (Knex Ball Machine) - The Smallest and Most Pointless Ball Machine Ever
Here are the instructions on how to make the smallest ball machine on instructables.

Step 1: Piece List

Piece List

Red - 1
Yellow - 12
Blue - 26
White - 12
Green - 30

Blue - 15
Yellow - 10
Purple - 27
Red - 2
Light Grey - 2
Dark Grey - 8

Grey Spacers - 9
Blue Spacers - 9
Y-Clips - 2
End Caps - 8
Medium Gears - 7
Small Gears - 1
Chain Links - 21
Motors - 1
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Lennywc2 years ago
How about a shot from the side ?
this is the ''BEST'' pointless ball machine ''EVER''.
TheKnexDude4 years ago
it has one element, witch is the track
imans3145 years ago
just made it. I love it though it is useless.
nye99 imans3145 years ago
took the words strait off of my keyboard
This thing was amazing, yet so simple.
andy4105 years ago
Where do you get the red gears?
Bartboy6 years ago
My motor dose not work, it is the one like yours, but older.
Mudbud Bartboy5 years ago
were do you get motors like that!!!!!!!!!!11?!?!?
Bartboy Mudbud5 years ago
In the old sets, when they came out.
on this the speed of the motor is critical to making it work(less speed = less kick to the ball making it launch forward). try changing the batteries in it.
okay, but I did have to rewire and re solder it, as the wires broke, so ill try that
lilnorm1236 years ago
can u make this with only four big gears? i dont have 6.
You should try taking out the two outside(the ones in between the top and bottom) gears. I haven't made it myself, but it looks like it would still work. (P.S. you would also have to take out some of the chainlinks)
iasinme6 years ago
hey, i tried to make this and it just doesn't have enough information.
you call THISpointless?!?
you have not even heard of POINTLESS until you have seen my parent's efforts to clean my room!
haha ditto :P
seriously: it makes the average landfill look clean.
well i picked mine up so i could play with knex :D
don't worry; my floor is juuusssttt clean enough to use as a workspace.
DJ Radio6 years ago
LOL @ 2 things 1. your name-"alex Jolly"???? 2. that is the worlds most silly ball machine ever
jollex (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
What's wrong with my name?
DJ Radio jollex6 years ago
nothing, just sounds funny. do you live in the US?
jollex (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I used to.
DJ Radio jollex6 years ago
would this knex set have enough connectors?

im not sure about connectors but it only has 4 gears. _
jollex (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
To build this? If yes, then probably.
DJ Radio jollex6 years ago
not that, i mean a knex gun
jollex (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
No, it has lots of blue connectors but not enough other kinds. I recommend using eBay.
AngelCutums6 years ago
I just finally finished my own "mini ball machine." (my first ball machine 2!). It is actually slightly shorter than yours. Yours is 9 to 91/2 inches tall, mine is about 8 1/2" .It's almost exactly the same length but it has a larger width. ( I did not use micro-knex). Question: I'm new to instructables and have never posted one. Do I have to actually post the instructions or can I just put up a video, like you did for Project S?
hockys16 years ago
it works though i just built it
it is not pointless its mindless lol
ajleece6 years ago
very cool!!
5 stars! BTW I modified it so it has a longer track, but still doesn't take many pieces. I can put a picture up if you want.
jollex (author)  cstrike pwner6 years ago
Thanks, and I would love to see a picture.
This is it
I'll post if wanted.
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