This is the smallest ball machine on instructables. It has no elements it just goes up and comes down. If you guys want I can post instructions.
Use a drill to power it!
**Thoughtful Face** Use a Dremel to power it! :D
Use a Hemi Engine like one of those blenders!
Mine is smaller<br>project tiny
i bet it is
lol 5* for awesomeness
Make some more of these tiny ball machines!<br><br>Im going to build S
if you ran the motor fast enough, then you could create a ball machine gun! =D<br/>
lol. You buy one of the 18 000 rpm motors, then connect it.....
...and blow up the fergin world!<br>sounds fun though
Its actually not the smallest.
<em>Nice!<strong> ball machine!</strong></em>
bart boy made a smaller one.
That was so simple... lol.
5*/fav/sub NO KIDDING =D<br/>
you made that?????????????
Its oddly interesting.
make like 220 of them, put in a row, and turn the motors on all consequtavley, so they are out of sync!
LOLOLOLOLOL This is hilarious, i will build if you post =D<br/>
I'm in the middle of posting, :)
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Project_N_Knex_Ball_Machine_The_Smallest_and_M_1/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Project_N_Knex_Ball_Machine_The_Smallest_and_M_1/</a><br/>

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