Picture of Project: Paper-Clone
Welcome to the chamber of paper and glue, Frankenstein Junior. Ever considered to create life not only in a virtual world but also physically, so that you can have your Alter Ego right beside you?
Create a clone and experience the joy of a buddy that is never mean and always loyal and patient, and, most important of all, resembles you if you want him to. That is what makes him unique and proves your skill undeniably.
Put him behind a window and he will bring the joy forward to anyone on the street. It is really interesting to see the point where people realize that this is not a person watching them. Put him in your bed and he will bring the joy forward to the next one who sees him (including you, if you have a weak memory).
Therefore he is highly qualified for the receiving of a Halloween party or the first contact of the Trick-or-Treat-Gatherers.

The figure was exhibited on the Paper and Pulp - Gathering a Community Exhibition in the Salt Space in New York until 10/18/2010 and on the Maker Faire.

There is a FAQ on the last page.

Start on the next page. It will take 7 days of work, so if you have a week to spare, start building him now or he will lack of shoes.
cepperson1 year ago

This is cool.

mocale3 years ago
looooooooooooove it
Man, you did a great job! I think you will love 123D catch from Autodesk. It is freeband scans your mody automaticaly from photos. http://www.123dapp.com/catch
Musicman413 years ago
If you give him metal soles in his shoes, and extend light and strong support rods upwards, it may increase stability and reduce its likelihood of falling over in the breeze.

P.S. Germans Rock!!
Jimbo Bob5 years ago
Can you make a model I can print out and assemble of Miranda Kerr? Megan Fox?
i think the type of replica you're looking for is already on the market… just not for those two people.
I said a-bang, bang, bangity bang....
Ouch.. papercuts. x(
Would you have to laminate it!!!!????
i'd love to bring my miranda kerr out to dinner and just sit her at a table and see what people think :P
mrmerino3 years ago
You could reenact Playstation-era video games with this!
It appeared again after I closed it and opened it twice!
Oops, work instead of word.
Im really mad right now! I worked an hour on my head, and out of nowwhere, all my word disipeared! Oh, really good tutorial, though. I'v built alot of papercrafts since I started in July.
hedgesci3 years ago
thank you for giving info on the software and the instructions. some people wont do what you did(i wont mention any names) cause they like the attention of people begging them on how to do it or for the instructable. but for you and many others, i really appreciate you guys(and gals)that take the time to show us.again thanks
to cool
d1ndian4 years ago
awesome work dude, soo going to make an aweasome model of something cool, all thanks to you.
tudoralexe4 years ago
Dude, this is totally amazing!
Im definitely gonna try it this summer!!
I remember seeing that big head for the music video, but i thought that ill never be able to use 3d and unfolding programs. But now i feel more confident.

wow!! you are crazy friend !! how did you make that... i cant such as that thing :)
chicopluma4 years ago
it looks like a no too old video game character
TOLL. gut gemacht. Ich bin auch mit UHU aufgewachsen :D
luvit5 years ago
i mades a clone of you. i;m so epic.
pocketspy luvit5 years ago
I know LMAOROTF, but please explain KMFUID. Is it "kicking my feet up in delight? delirium?"
Laughing My Arse Off Rolling On The Floor Kicking My Feet Until I Die. The trademark is just for fun, too.
luvit pocketspy5 years ago
i know, i know. it's amazing kmfuid.
Nice! I knew that I knew him from somewhere
saronpaz4 years ago
you should probably have a look at gwon osang who pioneered a new form of art called photographic sculpture

9ale74 years ago
can you use the molding "http://anim8or.com" software in
CNC? " i still don't have a CNC that's why i'm asking.
anyway beautiful project. ;)
Jon3164 years ago
You could do this with Ironman also rigth
kamibox.de (author)  Jon3164 years ago
You could do that with anyone, if you have the texturing material (Wouldn't be a problem with Iron Man). I would love to build anyone popular, but I fear copyright problems, especially when I want to sell it. I already had a lot of copyright trouble because of my Youtube-account, 2.000.000 people saw my videos which had a soundtrack that belonged to Viacom and 20th Century Fox...
jabronie254 years ago
Truly amazing
lancmaltby4 years ago
just amazing
kamibox.de (author) 4 years ago
I need your advise.
At the moment, the figure is stuck in New York because of the paper exhibition, but sending it back would cost around 500$. So I have the option to sell it there, but as you can imagine, I don't dare giving a price offer, so I need a few opinions.

ylpihs4 years ago
This will probably take me a year to build as I'm not very good at this stuff. Thanks for sharing the tips. Will definite try one day
zombiefire4 years ago
can't find the add edge tool
RaNDoMLeiGH5 years ago
it would be fun to make a few of these and then create a little forest of clones. Then, to creep people out (like at a haunted house?!) make a mask for yourself so you can move around within the little forest. muhahahahahahaha
i can't seem to find a way to move the pictures, can you explain how pls, i keep on searching for a piccolo (dragon ball) pepakura model and i can't find one, so i decided to make one from a small toy i have.
kamibox.de (author)  HYPER_piccolo5 years ago
You move the picture like any other object, select it with the select-tool and move it with the move-tool.
Warlrosity5 years ago
A. when clicking upon the link, I could not tell which was which. B. I love it. C. I am learning german, Vie Heist Du? Ich Leibere Du paperen moddlenhenshlapen?
Wie* :) aber, ich bin gut und ich heiße Johann
kamibox.de (author)  Warlrosity5 years ago
Danke, ich heiße Philipp ;) But I don't really know what moddlenhenshlapen is ;)
rwphillips5 years ago
Amazing project! Very cool. I agree with Visic. Keep up the good work.
artcobain5 years ago
looks creepy man.
smtgr145 years ago
Alright! now I don't have to make a negative mold of myself (very painful).
it was for han solo, at least.
Egan32085 years ago
Carpool lane? lol!
manzi5 years ago
awesome project! anyway, considering the scale of this, i'll assume the paperclone has some sort filling material? (for added rigidity & stability) any tips on the preservation of the over all product?
kamibox.de (author)  manzi5 years ago
He has no filling material, only the cardboard hip, that paper stuff is really stable when every side is closed. But I think I will lift him up every week and put him on the floor again, to prevent that he stands wrong for too long, that would be a problem.
chewybb5 years ago
For an external model you can get a signmaker with a solvent/ecosolvent printer to print this onto vinyl, fitted to high impact polystyrene sheeting (the kind used for thermo formed packaging for food, tools, etc) Fitting the pieces together will probably be a bit more tricky with this method though! Great Instructable.
That´s a hell of a cool project. It's kind of creepy though.
shahmirazin5 years ago
Good job! But I think I want to make 'the other me' wearing my cotton shirt and jeans~ He would look nicer~! But then, he would be no longer 100% paper made.. =D
foxinsox5 years ago
you could make a sitting version for driving in HOV lanes...
LOL, good idea. Except thats illegal (well, we all do illegal stuff haha) but one guy in my town got caught with a dummy next to him LOLZ
Be even funnier to have the paper version in the driver's seat and drive the car via an iphone app from the passenger side.
sorry that made like no sense?!
shoobygooby5 years ago
Visic5 years ago
This is an amazing idea, well done. My prediction is that this instructable will be viral within a month.
I cant wait to try this!! FYI, for everyone in the USA, 80g/m paper would be sold as 22 pound paper. 160g/m paper would be sold as 40 pound paper, and 250g/m paper would be about 66 pound paper stock.
Not quite true. Many papers' density is listed in both pound and grams per square meter (g/m) or (gsm). Xerox lists much of their paper only in gsm in the US. Though it is a good idea to list both density measures to be safe.
kamibox.de (author)  arthurkanzler5 years ago
Thanks, I will add that ;)
hammer98765 years ago
Obviously a lot of work. Incredible result. This belongs in an art gallery, not a basement! My only question is can you support yourself as an artist?
Valgarn5 years ago
can you make this inflatable?
rislejay5 years ago
This is insane! Great job!
agust5 years ago
This is an OLD idea and really no need to rehash it here since the 1985 documentary Weird Science did a thurogh job of explaining how to make a fully animated character of your choise.
ball20085 years ago
you should resin it, and also try to water proof it so you can put it utside. XD
ball20085 years ago
awesome man! :D good work! and thanks for the tutorial! you are awesome!
tom01123585 years ago
amazing work, I love this instructable!!!!!
zack2475 years ago
awesome! im gonna try this! (i added this 'ible to my group: Anim8or!)
antling5 years ago
Good modern technique, in china, people has been making these for ancestral worshiping for ages.. Creepy.. but nice job!
black18885 years ago
O.M.G. this was so awesome!!! by far the most awesome instructable EVER! i wanna have my own clone inside my room, because it's creepy :D. seriously, great work!
bill20095 years ago
That's just wonderful. No offence but the example doesn't look a lot like you - is that deliberate?
Jon B35 years ago
This a truly excellent instructable! Very very good.
One of the best instructables of all time! rated and subscribed. Well done.
generator5 years ago
the clone's face looks nothing like your picture, but this is a really cool idea
kamibox.de (author)  generator5 years ago
It does, but it doesn't look at all like that on the photo, I can't explain why :S
it looks too narrow. even in the software pics it looks too narrow.
platdujour5 years ago
That is sick. You have too much time on your hands...
we all have free time. you do whatever it is you do with yours, he does what he's interested in. same.
WVvan5 years ago
Simply amazing. One small warning. If you start to hear him talking to you, quickly put him in the paper shredder.
revision: have someone else put him in a shredder… who knows what type of psychological harm it could do to shred yourself.
uzziah05 years ago
Very nice, it has an artistic flare to it. Maybe you could have him installed in some local art gallery or something. Maybe make a few of them or even different ones. Maybe bigger or smaller, or animals. Very cool looking.
Fhytaur5 years ago
Realy very strongly awesome!!
NINYISAX5 years ago
kirbygirl465 years ago
That looks way to FREGGEN DIFFICULY
sramiro5 years ago
Really good instructable, awesome work.
ricardjorg5 years ago
you are trully awesome sir
canida5 years ago
Amazing! Great job, and a wonderfully detailed Instructable.
mrHBski5 years ago
This makes me wanna play N64.
kaptaink_cg5 years ago
Now THAT is cool! Very impressive.
Mongpoovian5 years ago
Kudos to you! This project buries the needle on the awesomeometer.
msdrpepper5 years ago
Wow. Amazing! You may have "too much time on your hands" but then again, it could be argued that you are learning things that will help you in a job or future career. Since I'm about twice the size in waist, it would take a lot more time. I'll pass on this one, but it is funny to see! And don't worry about your English, it's much better than my Deutch. (sp?). I couldn't lipread my German teacher so I didn't get a good grade...
tredfarmer5 years ago
This is Amazing! Bravo
vpatel5 years ago
Great man Hope I will do it !!!
ronnybonny5 years ago
somehow too difficult, something I did not understand
jace11275 years ago
WOW. Wunderbar! :) Freakin sweet!!! i'm so jealous. I totally wanna make one, but i know i don't have the patience for it. lol.
chibimaddy5 years ago
This might be the coolest thing I've ever seen. What a mind to think of something like this!
omnibot5 years ago
That is so freaky! I'd love to hear the neighbours after keeping it by the window like that for a few weeks: -Martha, that creepy kid is staring at us from his window again! -But he's been there for days?
zombiefire5 years ago
awesome awesome awesome
Ward_Nox5 years ago
DAMN that's impressive
artworker5 years ago
7 days? I can take almost 2 months to do the same. You can make yourself a replica of Madame tussauds wax museum in a jiffy. Awesome! Fantastic. One more 5* from me!
2 words - stick figure.Ya, it took me five seconds to think of a better clone than yours. Your work was WASTED!!!!!! Just kidding, nice job.
piaferre5 years ago
awesome, gives me lots of ideass
mrmath5 years ago
On a scale of 1-10 (do they do that in Germany?), I would have to rate this an AWESOME! Too bad there isn't some sort of paper contest going on right now, because this would win for sure. I would be willing to bet that you could sell these for a living. You most certainly could create an army of them and have them installed in an art gallery.
or... a militia of paper zombies to cater to your every whim!
verence mrmath5 years ago
>On a scale of 1-10 (do they do that in Germany?),
Of course, we use metric! Only a scale of 1-12 would be difficult!

For a living? Probably not, but an army of those would really look terrific!

nikeman765 years ago
thats kind of scary
CazzPhoenix5 years ago
incredible. creepy.. but incredible.
Ninzerbean5 years ago
You are much more handsome than your clone. I think it's t he hair, anyway I think I will try this on my wiener dog - that would be daschund to you. I rarely give 5 *'s but this is so worth 5.
dougiepoo5 years ago
great 'ible really well done, you speak of your concern as to the frailty of the paper clone, have you considered trying spray on shellac or perhaps a craft fixative to add rigidity, or perhaps filling him with packing peanuts??
Kaelessin5 years ago
Have you ever had the problem of having too much and not enough to say all at once?!

This project is quite a monumental undertaking and the precision with which you pulled it off is truly remarkable! and I might add a tad creepy! not in a bad way at all mind you, the picture you you holding your own face is a strange thing indeed! I wonder what your neighbors think of you constantly standing in your window ;)

Awesome idea with the eyes and the tape!

This instructable is a prime example of why I love this site so much!
wow! you really did a good job on this, I'm very impressed = 5.0 One thing I've seen is people making halo helmets and stuff using pepakura, but then they fiber glass the whole thing. A fiberglass version of myself? I think I might try this sometime :P
BeanGolem5 years ago
I think bizarro-you's shirt is a nice touch. Coming in at 2m tall, I think I'll pass on making this one, though... I like that this is very adaptable to ANY object of which you can take a picture. Maybe I'll make a large cut-out paper version of an origami crane :)
absolutely amazing!!! only instructable i've rated 5 stars .outstanding work
optox5 years ago
wow, pretty amazing. i think blender is a better 3d program though. http://www.blender.org and pepakura is so awesome
kcls5 years ago
Wow! Awesome!
zigzagchris5 years ago
wow, thats incredible. It looks fun to burn
andyk755 years ago
I didn't know it's so easy to make this kind of models. But why make a clone of my own, when I can have any supermodel? ;-) Very good instructable!
mikeasaurus5 years ago
The results look great, makes me think a video game character has escaped from your computer...