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Introduction: Project Singularity

About: I like to build a lot of things, as you can see, but if you want me to build something specific, just send me a message.

A LEGO battlebot I made to rival LegoBlackSmith's Paradox. It uses a massive barbed hammer to tear apart its opponents. It weighs 2lbs 2oz, and is covered in armor. Using an ultrasonic and color sensor, it is completely autonomous. The ultimate battle is about to begin: Paradox vs. Singularity!



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    I have a solution to our problem. Maybe you could make instructions for him and i will build Singularity. Then they can face off.

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    Gr8, I will also give u the NXT-G program, once I perfected it. It will work on the NXT test pad or your white circle/black ring arena

    K .

    I post a video of the two fighting each other once a get it.


    I've changed the armour a bit, but I've also perfected the program. I need to know 3 things:
    1. do you use NXT-G programming?
    2. What is your e-mail?
    3. How wide is the black on your arena at its thinnest point?

    You can send me a private message if you want to. (to keep the info private)

    Awesome! This is amazing what you did with only the lego nxt mindstorms set 2.0!