Introduction: Project X Knex Rifle V2.

Picture of Project X Knex Rifle V2.

After a few weeks of moding and improving my original project x knex rifle i have finally finished with verstion 2. The version still uses the same concept of removable parts but ads a better barrle, a scope and a kind of stronger stock. It now shoots about 30 feet when you make the v2. It is about as accurate as every other knex gun on the site.
After the v2 is put togerther there are pics for the v3 mod. The v3 is yet better and improves on the firing pin, the barrle, and the mag pusher. The v3 shoots about 45 feet. Any ideas for improving to v4 i would love to hear them.
The pros and cons of the v3
Removable options.
Shoots a good distance
It is pretty strong
Inventive way of makeing removable options
Kind of feels comfortable depending on how big you are
It takes alot of parts
It is flimsy in some spots
Some parts need to be cut
Crappy trigger system

Step 1: Building the Stock (Optinal)

Picture of Building the Stock (Optinal)

1 the orgiginal pic
2 make 3 of these
3 layor all 3 and add white rods
4 make these
5 add blue rods where shown
6 add parts from step 4 to blue rods
7 add gears for support

Step 2: Build Bipod (Optinal)

Picture of Build Bipod (Optinal)

1 Origninal pic
2 Make the_burrito_masters bipod from his park 52 rifle
3 Make 3 of these
4 Layor together and add blue and white rod
5 connect the 2 together

Step 3: Mag and Mag Pusher

Picture of Mag and Mag Pusher

1 Original pic
2 make 2 of these
3 make these 3 parts
4 Add cut rods where shown
5 Add orange rods over cut rods
6 add other cover plate
7 Add 3 white rods where shown
8 Add other orange rod like in pic
9 Make pusher (on the v3 the pussher has a blue rod instead of the white rod on the bottom part and a single grey where the top orange is) More pics will be shown later

Step 4: Scope (Optinal)

Picture of Scope (Optinal)

1 Orignal Pic
2 Make frame
3 Make the sight part
4 Another view
5 Another view
6 put together

Step 5: Second Handle (Optinal)

Picture of Second Handle (Optinal)

1 Origninal pic
2 Make 3 of theses
3 Layor the three together and add 2 white rods
4 Make this part
5 Connect green part to handle with white rod

Step 6: Stock Reciver

Picture of Stock Reciver

1 Original Pic
2 Make this
3 Make this
4 Make this
5 Make this
6 Make this
7 Add oranges
8 Add cover, single greys, and stock stopper

Step 7: Primary Handle

Picture of Primary Handle

1 Orignal pic
2 Make these
3 Make this
4 Make this (know that there are 3 layors to this part but they are all the same)
5 Make this(know that there are 3 layors to this part but they are all the same)
6 Add part from pic 4
7 Add part from pic 5
8 Add part from pic 3
9 Add other cover plate and done

Step 8: Trigger Gaurd

Picture of Trigger Gaurd

1 Origninal Pic
2 Make these 3
3 Add yellow rods to first part
4 Add second layor
5 Add third layor over second and first layor
6 Add blue spacers

Step 9: Upper Reciver

Picture of Upper Reciver

1 Origninal pic
2 Make this (this is only one layor thick)
3 Make 2 of these
4 Make these parts
5 Layor the parts from pic 4
6 All three parts should be layored from pic 4 There should also be a spot down the middle for the scope
7 Add the layored parts to the part from pic 3
8 Add the other side to part 7
9 Add pic 2 to Either side. Placement doesnt matter it where you place it just determanis where the scope will be put and how far back or forward it will go.

Step 10: Firing Pin

Picture of Firing Pin

This is the firing pin for the v2 the v3 pin will be at the end
1 Origninal pic
2 Make these
3 Make this
4 another view
5 Make this
6 Make this
7 Connect pic 5 to 6
8 Add yellow connectors
9 Add cut white
10 Add firing pin to part 9
11 Make this
12 Another view
13 Add firing pin
14 Add parts from pic 2

Step 11: Barrle

Picture of Barrle

1 Original pic
2 Make this
3 Make this
4 Make this (To mod the barrle to the v3 barrle take out the tan clips for this pic and add orange connectors cut in half)
5 Add part from pic 3
6 Add part from pic 2

Step 12: Second Reciver

Picture of Second Reciver

1 Orgininal Pic
2 Make 2 of these
3 Make this
4 Another view of pic 3
5 Add part from pic 3 to pic 2
6 Add other side
7 Add blue rod
8 Add orange connector

Step 13: Mag Holder

Picture of Mag Holder

1 ORiginal and make 2 of the panles
2 Add 3 greens in the front
3 Add Yellow rod in the back

Step 14: Front Fake Barrle

Picture of Front Fake Barrle

1 Original Pic
2 Make this
3 Make this
4 Make these (There are 3 layors)
5 Make these (There are 3 layors)
6 Make these
7 Add Parts 4 5 6 to pic 3
8 Add cover plate

Step 15: Trigger Assembly and Lower Rail

Picture of Trigger Assembly and Lower Rail

1 Original Pic
2 Original pic another view
3 trigger system
5 make this
6 make this
7 make this
8 make this
9 Add pic 8 and 6 to pic 5
10 make this
11 make this
12 Add pic 10
13 front view of pic 12
14 back view of pic 12
15 add pic 11 to pic 15
16 Add pic 15 to pic 16
17 Make pic 17

Step 16: Putting It Together

Picture of Putting It Together

1 connect the handle to the stock reciver
4 connect the firing pin to the handle and the stock recver
6 connect the trigger gaurd to the trigger assembly
8 Add grey connectors to the back of the trigger gaurd
9 add the trigger to handle
11 add the mag holder
12 add the barrle
13 Connect the fake barrle to the second reciver
15 connect the upper reciver to the handle and the stock reciver.
16 add the rest of the front the gun
17 connect the trigger

Step 17: V3 Firing Pin

Picture of V3 Firing Pin

1 new firing pin
3 where the rubber bands attach.

Step 18: Finished

Picture of Finished

this is the gun that is finished. go to step 17 for help on how to attach rubber bands. Also To make the trigger work you need to put a rubber band around the bottom of the long orange rod that you made and put that into the slot. Then pull it down and your ready. If you have any questions ask.


SonicX 22 (author)2009-12-15

the instructions are easy exept for Step 15, thats the hardest i cant even make the Trigger Assembly

the_TRUE_LINK_OWNZ! (author)2009-08-28

huh. hey, any1 know wherez i can get a SCHEISSA load of knex? im runnin short,and, for those of u that don't speak german, SCHEISSA means s***.


you mean scheiβe.

Dirtyboyy (author)2009-09-11

shoot it 30 feet :O ???????????????????????

ry123 (author)2009-08-30

cool gun but i cant seem to fit the magasine in, ive gone through everything again and again just wondering if you could put some more pics of that thanks

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-12-07

amazing... this is just... amazing. Faved and 5stars, plus I'm subscribing to you.

just know that there wont be any mods for the gun. I took it apart and right now i am working on a full auto gun Some what like the mulcher in gears 2


codemaster2590 (author)2009-01-13

what part do you need the rubber bands for the firing pin or the the trigger

so you also have to put a rubberband on the mag and it takes yellow rods?

yeah i forgot about that one and yes it shoots yellows

Thank you I know I have been sorta a pain with what to do, but thanks for helping me I fired the gun in my basement and it hit a picture hanging on the wall and it fell off.This gun is sweet,I rated it 5.0.

it doesnt really matter how much of a pain you were. I am just glad that somebody made the gun and said how good it worked. Just know i take no responsibility for anything that you break or hurt with it

sorry one last question where do you puti pic 17 in spep 15?

pic 17 is the part that shoots up to push the block trigger out of the way. Think of it as a firing pin for the firing pin. Note that too also needs a rubber band to force it up

what works better the v.3 firing pin or the v.2?

the v3 firing pin is stronger and can hold more bands but i think that it has more friction on it as well

I don't know where to put any rubberbands can you tell me, and sorry forteh message before I was a little upset.

on the trigger part put a rubber band so that the orange half peice is being pulled forwards (Sorry i dont quite remember exactly) and for the firing pin put the rubber band from the back part of the firing pin forward as far as you want. Also i did respond to your message i asked what part for the rubber bands

what orange half peice the one you break in step 15?


yeah but then I said I dont know where to put any rubberbands and you did not awnser, thanks anyway nice gun.

Is this even liftable? : )

yes it is liftable even after i have added additinal parts to make it stronger

your a knexpert! ({-:).

Thanks i have been playing with knex for a long time I hope that you are as impressed with my next gun as you are with this one (Just know its not my giant machine gun)

I probably will like it!

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)2009-01-12

I love this gun!!!

did you actually make it or are you just judging by looks


knexguy (author)2008-11-11

Why is this rated down? Do you have any haters? :s

codemaster2590 (author)knexguy2008-11-11

I dont know but i would like to know why. That way i can make improvements. Maybe it has too many parts to it.

I don't know where to put the rubberbands?

Soopah Steve (author)2008-11-27

I just found out that i didnt have enough y hands... T.T

you mean y connectors. well you really only need a few. replace the ones on the mag with something else. thanks for favoriting. atleast a few people liked it

Do you have to break the blue rod in sstep 15? Or can you just use a white rod?

Knexwizard (author)2009-01-09

How doyou pull the firing pin back every single time? do you just pull it back?

yeah there is a little grip on the side of the firing pin that you could use to pull with

knexcthulu (author)2009-01-03

is the fake barrel optional?

if you dont want to make it you dont have to but then you wont be able to use the bipod. If you have the parts though i would suggest makeing it

Soopah Steve (author)2008-11-27


Soopah Steve (author)2008-11-27

Good job. V2 looks kinda like Burritomaster's gun cept w/ the handle. and the mag. and the everything. well, its profile is similar. and anayway. 5 *s

DJ Radio (author)2008-11-16

OMFG 5*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

codemaster2590 (author)DJ Radio2008-11-17

have you built it yet or are just seeing the pics

DJ Radio (author)codemaster25902008-11-17

I dont have enough parts, looks awesome

shadowninja31 (author)2008-11-13


dutchwarlord (author)2008-11-13


dutchwarlord (author)2008-11-11

woooooooooooooohhhhh i like it this is your first instructable and it looks great i hope you are going to make a lot of guns like this!!!

i had planned on it. My next gun will probably be like the mauler on halo 3. That and i will have mods for this one too

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