Trainman's first bomb - a small but effective grenade that explodes upon impact, showering the area with spacers. And only nine* pieces means it's the first really practical lightweight grenade!

3 Red Rods
1 Red Connector
3 Orange Connectors
2 Gray Connectors

2 Black Y-Connectors
Various Spacers (9 Gray or 27 Blue or anything in between)

It also comes with a safety lock!

*Not including ammo

Step 1: The Body, Part 1

Only Trainy can turn 9 pieces into so many steps...

Build the first part of the body and set it aside.

1 Red Rod
1 Red Connector
2 Gray Connectors
Total: 4 Pieces

Step 2: The Body, Part 2

The second half. Build and attach as shown.
2 Red Rods
3 Orange Connectors
Total: 5 Pieces

Step 3: Applying the Rubber Bands

Here we place the rubber bands on the grenade.

Pieces: Rubber bands (Not too many, 4 maximum)

Step 4: Priming the Grenade and Usage

Here we will add the spacers and lock the grenade into grenade mode.

To do so, add spacers, place a Y-Connector onto the designated area, then place a second Y-Connector right behind the first - but DO NOT SNAP IT IN!!! Place it in as gently as possible. To lock it, twist the black Y-Connector like shown. To put the grenade onto Exploding Mode, place the Y-Connector upright.

Then Throw... and Duck...
its alsome dude
broken peice dom
Hey trainman this is awesome! A totally 5.0, best grenade on the site! Can I please mod this for on my RPG-7? I will give you a full 100% credit on the grenades. Please, I just need a grenade.
go right ahead. The <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Project-X4-XPLODER-Mini-Knex-Hand-Grenade/?comments=all#">license</a> allows it.<br/>
Cool, thanks a lot!
he already has a launcher for the X4
i like pie 2 are you american or are you a americant
USA!!!! I also love baseball and mom as well as apple pie
i prefer cake even though the cake is a lie :-P
The cake is a lie? *cries* stipid GlaDOS
lol, I love Portal
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-X288-SERPENT/">The X288 SERPENT</a>The X288 SERPENT<br/>
That is true... So what?
hey, go check out IACs war bomb. THATS the best one on the site.
I know. Look at the date, that comment was about 2 and a half years old!
GRAMMAR&nbsp;POLICE: it IS two and a half years old, lolz and I&nbsp;mistook it for this year, wasn't thinking much.
&nbsp;Nice work. 5 stars and Subbed a loooooooong time ago :)
Um i made this pretty cool 4*
O me gawd! I has just had a brain wave! what if this was built into a gun? like the firing mecanism? this fires those blue spacers in on directection only so it shouldn't be hard!
i had the same idea and made a shotgun
took it apart ages ago....
Um, Sorry ,but what's a Y connector? Post a picture of one.
the hand con
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-D-Frag-knex-grenadeGot">My own grenade posted its a bit like this one you can find it /</a><br/>
this is probably the best grenade ive made that doest use about a hundred parts!!!
try the splodies. alot better(no offence to darth trainman). the splodies only use 4 peices and are very powerfull. also they shoot rods insted of spacers.
splodies explode in your pocket........
This is an alternative - a more grenade-like Grenade.
true. this is more like a grenade. i just like splodies better.
what happened to your old pic disman1? it was alot cooler! (in my mind)
well if you really want i could go back to the old one.
just for you :)
i bet saraman would have luved it for gandalf!
its a good grenade....except for the fact that the spacers explode and u lose half of em.
this is cool but i like grenades that are full frag better so the enemy does not get the body so they can reload it and throw it again.
i was wondering if i could use this grenade in a video I'm making for a grenade laucher. I'll give you credit in the video.
Yeah, go ahead.
k thanks
i made one of these and, a piece of shrapnel hit my foot, and now i have a big blue bruise.
Even though I really don't like K'nex, I think you take great pictures.
do you have to put in the black V connector?
This is AWSOME!!! + 1
Cool! I look forward to trying this out. +5/5 stars. (added to favorites)
do yoy need the spacers?
yes, or use blue ones

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