Project Dos: the Jamalam's Second Ball Machine!





Introduction: Project Dos: the Jamalam's Second Ball Machine!

Hi everyone! Here is the ball machine you may have seen in the forum topic I posted. It has 3 tracks, each with more elements than uno. It also stands to over 3 ft tall, is stronger than uno (blue rod tower) and the motor works on this one.
It has taken me 4 days to perfect. The first 2 were building, and the other 2 were making the video and final modification for perfection.

PS: Thank you trainman, I couldn't have done it without your instructables!
PPS: Could someone do a piece count please?

Step 1: The Base

We shall start by building the base and ball holder.
I haven't got step by step pictures, but I have tried to capture it from all angles. Tell me if you need more pictures.

Step 2: The Tower

This is the 2nd part of the tower itself, just build it.

Step 3: The Top

This is the second to last part of the tower. It houses the motor and 2 path changers.

Step 4: Attachments

Here you will fix together the last parts you have made.

Step 5: The Final Tower and Path 1

This is the last part of the tower before the tracks, just keep going with the building.

Step 6: Path 2

This is the second path. It has a ramp with a basket. Looks pretty cool.

Step 7: Path 3

The 3rd and final path, on the other side of the tower.

Step 8: The Chain

At last, the hard part is over! Now just finishing off the ball machine! Build 3 chains 19 long and 1 chain 20 links long, then add the lifters. Wrap it around the gears and you are nearly finished!

Step 9: Get Some Balls!

Get anywhere up to 5 balls, but 4 works best, to get the best room in the ball hangar (not sure what else to call it). Anyway, put 3 in the queue and one on the chain, set the motor going on the settings according to the 3rd picture. Push the black button UP, not down. Down makes the machine explode. Beleive me I made that mistake in the early stages. Having tested it out a bit, refer to the next step if you have any problems.

Step 10: FAQ's

Any questions? Just ask!

Q: My ball doesn't land in the ball dropper on the first track! How can i fix it?
A: Adjust the position of the dropper, or remove it completely! The ball will fly into the basket because it is luckily positioned!

Q: My Ball stops on the second track just after the path chooser. How can i fix this?
A: You may have to use orange tubing to fix this, but I don't have any, just the connectors.

Thanks for building this, or just reading through! Have fun!
The Jamalam
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    Can you give me some step by step pictures

    can you use red gears instead of the yellow gears??

    nice one, I am considering making a ball machine of my own. 4*

    Stop replying to my old comments!!!